Industry Glass Solutions

Take advantage of comprehensive commercial glass care. Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI offers the Commercial Care program to all local businesses, providing members with priority after-hours response and a discount on all work performed. We offer business of every size and type the opportunity to benefit from our glass expertise. Consider how we could make your business run more smoothly.

Commercial Glass Care in Grand Blanc

Apartment Complexes and Condos

Upgrade onsite facilities with durable mirrors and safety glass. Our glass specialists assess your poolrooms and gyms for the best pane upgrades available. We include safety backing on mirrors installations for advanced protection and support. Best of all, we upgrade units to more energy efficient and elegant space, enticing current and future tenants into long leases. When you are our commercial client we'll care for all the auto glass work associated with your account, including your tenants' vehicles.

apartment windows

Fine Dining and Quick Service Restaurants

Welcome guests with classic and original glass work. We install elegant glass atriums and entryways for the perfect introduction to any dining experience. Don't forget to set the mood with specialty glass tabletops and decor. In addition, Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI provides drive-up windows and sneeze guards to all local buffets and quick service restaurants. Choose to upgrade single panes or receive a top-to-bottom glass renovation.

Schools and Universities

Show school pride with beautiful, protective panes. Our experienced glass specialists replace broken classroom windows and one-way observation glass with minimal disruption. In addition, we build unique display cases to showcase student and faculty achievements. Request strengthening glass glazing or install fire-resistant panes for ultimate structural support. Then, revamp the dorms with contemporary mirrors and standard or frameless shower door units!

Retail Stores

Maintain a low overhead with preventative commercial glass care. Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI upgrades storefront panes and complements your merchandise with jaw-dropping glass shelving. Add dressing room mirrors and partitions to complete your interior design. We bevel or etch the panes of your choice.

Hotels and Motels

Choose from our selection of industry-trusted shower doors and decorative wall mirrors to make guests feel at home. Standard and frameless options are the most popular choice and are perfect for rooms and onsite gym facilities. Furnish gym mirrors with safety backing support to minimize breakage and potential injury.

Cities and Municipalities

Invest in durable, energy-efficient windows, made to enhance climate control support and minimize future HVAC repair. We work closely with building owners and maintenance professionals to provide the appropriate panes, fire-rated or bulletproof upon request. Pre-establish payment and contact information for remodeling and new construction project assistance.

Expert Glass Care

Serving Flint, Mount Morris and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI delivers customer-approved commercial glass care. Call 810-637-5598 or complete an online order request form to contact a glass specialist immediately.