Double Pane Windows

For homeowners seeking a solution to inconsistent indoor air climates and expensive energy bills, investing in new windows is often an excellent place to start. When the seals on home windows are cracked, aged or broken, indoor air will escape and drafts will begin to let outdoor air inside. This will cause your A/C or heating unit to work overtime to compensate, causing your utility bill to rise substantially. Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI, will resolve these issues by installing our insulated glass units (IGUs), which are engineered to maintain a comfortable indoor environment all year long. If you already own IGUs, such as double pane windows, but are noticing condensation building up between the panes, it's likely time to discuss window options to have your old windows replaced.

Double Pane Window Advantages

double pane window

When it comes to creating a barrier between your indoor air and the weather outside, double pane windows can't be beaten. IGUs, usually a double pane or triple pane window, are excellent at keeping cold air from seeping into your home during the winter months and preventing cool air from escaping during the summer. The reduced workload on your heating or A/C unit will result in lower utility bills as well as a much more comfortable indoor climate.

Insulated glass windows are comprised of two or more pieces of glass separated by an insulating spacer. The space between the panes is filled with a moisture absorbing desiccant or super spacer to create an airtight seal around your home. For homeowners with single pane windows who are interested in saving money and improving home comfort, insulated glass units are the way to go.

Upon installation, the entire unit itself is completely sealed with a high-grade sealant, which keeps condensation from building up between the panes, forming a milky complexion on the glass. There are a variety of insulated glass units available to choose from and Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, offers units with krypton or argon gas injected into the spacer to create an additional layer of insulation.

Window Replacement

If your windows are getting old and need an immediate replacement, Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, has the experience needed to replace the panes without needing to install a completely new window. Our glass specialists will install upgraded panes into your existing cases, saving you money and preserving your home's original appeal.

In some cases your windows may be in good condition but the seal protecting your home from the elements needs to be replaced. Our glass specialists have years of combined experience and will carefully replace your damaged window sealant.

For expert consultation regarding our various window services, contact Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, over the phone or fill out a quick service request online today.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.