Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Glass surfaces are eye-catching upgrades that also preserve your furniture, reduce time spent cleaning, and let light flow throughout your home. If your dining room or patio needs a new look, consider the benefits of custom glass. The Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI, team transform homes and businesses with custom glass tabletops and shelves that are cut, customized and installed with precision.

Choose Your Dimensions and Features

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom glass tabletops will transform any table, desk or work surface into a one-of-a-kind piece. We offer a range of shapes, sizes and custom details to guarantee your piece truly represents your desires. Our glass specialists take precise measurements to make sure your new or replacement glass is the perfect fit, no matter the size or shape your tabletop. Schedule a professional consultation to discuss all your glass options at Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI. We will help you find the right thickness, tint, edgework, and weight for your tabletop glass; then our team will work hard to add your custom details and cut it to fit your particular table.

Prevent UV Damage with Glass Tints

Glass tabletops increase natural light flow, but they also expose upholstery and flooring to more UV rays than other surface types. We recommend UV-resistant glass tints for indoor glass tabletops that let the Michigan sunshine pass through them. These tints block harmful UV rays without reducing the open, inviting effect of your glass surfaces. Our custom glass tints also prevent bright glares and indoor-outdoor temperature transfer during the summer and winter.

Protect Your Family with Safety Glass

Our custom glass tabletops include glass inserts for outdoor patio sets, umbrella tables, poolside pieces and other outdoor furniture. This glass must withstand Michigan weather without cutting your family members or damaging your property. When we upgrade outdoor furniture with custom glass, we recommend special safety glass that is tempered or laminated to break into large chunks. Indoors, opt for safety glass for shower doors, glass tub enclosures and large glass tabletops.

Upgrade Your Shelves with Custom Glass

The Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, team extends our custom glass services to shelving. Like glass tabletops, glass shelves come with decorative and practical benefits for homeowners. Our glass shelving makes it easy to take advantage of vertical storage space without cluttering your walls or blocking light flow. Glass shelves also show off your favorite possessions while enhancing your decor. Ask our specialists to design a flattering, modern configuration on your living room wall, or directly work with us to replace your current shelving unit with custom glass.

Call us today to schedule your consultation with a specialist from Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI.