Door Closer Repair Service

At Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI, we understand that the best glass solutions offer a combination of form, value and safety. Not only should your storefront present a welcoming invitation to the world, but your commercial doors should smoothly operate so that customers are guaranteed a positive first impression of you and your business. That is why we offer manual door closer repair and maintenance services as part of our extensive list of glass related services.

How Door Closer Work

You door closer probably doesn't get much attention until it starts malfunctioning, then it becomes an issue requiring immediate attention. When it is working properly, it will provide a slight amount of resistance as a visitor applies pressure to open it. The resistance prevents the door from flying open too quickly. That same resistance kicks in when there is no longer any pressure being applied; the door will gently glide back to the frame. The door closer acts as a vital mechanical component that prevents physical injuries, avoids damage to the door and provides a welcoming entrance.

Door Closer Repair

As with any mechanical device, things can go wrong. Because commercial doors tend to be heavier, it is important to make sure that the door is outfitted with a spring that is strong enough to handle the additional weight. Also, proper installation is the key to long-lasting and reliable performance. Fortunately, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, have the skills and experience to install door closers correctly and complete any necessary repairs. From adjusting springs to refilling oil levels, we can prolong the life of your door while also preventing avoidable damage to the doorframe.

Common Repairs

Over time, doors can become misaligned, a small screw can fall out, or oil leaks can develop because of broken seals. If you notice that your door closer has an excess of oil on the outside, it is time to call the experts. Incorrect oil levels can cause the door to close too quickly, creating unsafe conditions. While you might be tempted to cut corners and tackle repairs yourself, this approach is risky and can void the warranty on your door, which means more money in the long run.

Remember that Glass Doctor is ready to address all your door and glass needs. From completing a door closer repair to solving hinge, threshold, door frame and hardware problems, we should be your first call for any of your business care needs. Our experts will help keep your facility in top shape so that you can continue to attract customers and thrive. Call (810) 695-0060 today to schedule a consultation with a friendly and experienced glass and door specialist.