Custom Mirrors

Join the many local homeowners that trust Glass Doctor® of Grand Blanc, MI, to bring rooms to life with custom mirror designs. When you want to add atmosphere and elegance to your home or make a room appear larger and brighter, choose custom mirrors. Creative and economical, custom mirrors remodel your home without adding windows or tearing down walls. Let our experts make your vision come to life with custom mirrors.

Mirrors Made for You

Don't settle for stale, big-box retailer's mirror design for your home. Work with the Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, team to concoct a custom mirror that elegantly fits your space. Our team will develop a piece based off of your dream design. Best of all, we'll install the mirror to guarantee a safe and sturdy finish for the piece. Discuss your ideas with our experts to determine the type of mirror you want in your home.

Add Visual Space to Your Home

Mirrors add size, depth and drama to your room. The built-in look of custom mirrors makes your home truly extraordinary. Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, installs mirrors that beautify and also serve practical functions. Handcrafted mirrors may protect an antique tabletop or give you a full-length view of your outfit before leaving home. Consider these decorator options:

  • Wall of mirrors: Magically enlarge and elongate a hallway or entryway.
  • Reflective kitchen backsplash: A custom mirror covering wall space between counters and cabinets brings excitement to your kitchen decor.
  • Uniquely shaped mirrors: Make a statement with a custom mirror as wall art.

Create Special Effects with Custom Mirrors

We offer finish options to make each custom mirror truly your own. Customize mirror edges, add tinted glass mirrors and choose your favorite finish. Consider finishing the surface with a smooth to frosted finish, which will accentuate the ambiance of your home. Add custom-made character to your home with mirrors made by our team. Attractive ornamental mirror ideas:

  • Custom mirrored shelving: Purpose built reflective shelves offer an all-around view so that visitors can appreciate your art objects in detail.
  • Wall mounted custom mirrors: Use these mirrors to focus natural sunlight and interior lighting on your prized possessions.
  • Framed custom mirrors: Let everyone see themselves in their best light using a well-placed mirror in its customized frame.

Make the Most of Your Lighting

Increase the impact of both natural sunlight and interior lighting with a custom mirror in every room. Light up every corner or spotlight a particular item in the chamber. Mirrors open up a room, creating an airy feel, which results in an effect similar to adding a window. Let custom mirrors bring your home's overlooked gems out of the dark. Options to brighten with mirrors:

  • Bathroom mirrors: Add, new larger vanity mirrors in a unique shape to lighten up a windowless powder room.
  • Wall mirrors: Make your desk lamp a little brighter, and view the room behind you when writer's block hits, with a mirror hung above your computer desk.

Dramatic Mirrors for a High Style Home

Get miles of style and instant intensity for specific parts of your home with the addition of a mirror. Ideal in closets, dressing rooms or anywhere you'd like to review your appearance; tall mirrors are spectacular. Create a sense of grandeur and give your home a sophisticated makeover with custom mirrors. Amplify your existing decor by using a frame that matches your preferred look. Tall mirror ideas and inspiration:

  • Framed mirrors: Modernize your bathroom with a tall custom mirror and frame.
  • Full-length mirrors: Make sure you look great, head-to-toe, before leaving the house.

Let Glass Doctor of Grand Blanc, MI, install mirrors that maximize your space. Add a refined glow to home furnishings with mirrored tabletops and brighten rooms with mirrors. Discuss all your custom mirror plans with our expert. Call for your in-home consultation today.