Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

A well-designed bathroom includes many components. Since every piece of your bathroom should be perfectly balanced, Glass Doctor® of Goshen will work with you to design and install glass shower doors and tub enclosures for optimal functionality and aesthetic value. We will work within any budget, style and bathroom size.

Important Factors

Designing your bathroom glass solutions is dependent on some practical considerations:

  • Bathroom Configuration: The maximum weight and size of glass accents in your bathroom are determined by the location of any supporting studs and whether your walls are composed of drywall, tile, wood, etc.
  • Ventilation: Appropriate ventilation in your bathroom will prevent excessive build up of steam and moisture. This is important because an ongoing presence of moisture will cause peeling paint and mold growth. When we work on your bathroom, we will evaluate the ventilation. An easy solution to improper ventilation is to install glass steam room kits in your fully tiled shower enclosure.
  • Measurements: Any renovation can quickly become a nightmare with improper measurements. Schedule a time for one of our specialists to come to your home and make precise measurements of your space. This will speed up the process and give us the ability to quote materials and installation costs accurately.
  • Shower heads:Choosing the right shower head is integral for your comfort as well as for keeping water from spraying out of the shower or tub if the door is left open.

Bathroom Improvement

Design Aid

To make the design and renovation process easy and streamlined, Glass Doctor of Goshen is pleased to invite you to visit our Shower Idea Center, which includes:

  • Shower Door Gallery - with the many options available in glass types, finishes and styles, our gallery takes the stress out of your decision process.
  • Shower Door Accessories - view the many accessories available, from shower heads to decorative handles.
  • Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - a collection of beautiful bathrooms to help homeowners who are looking for ideas.
  • Consultation - sitting down with an experiences professional will provide answers to your questions about the various products and options to choose from.
  • Ordering and Installation - as soon as your custom order arrives at our location, we will schedule a time with you to complete the installation.
  • Vendors - Glass Doctor of Goshen has a working relationship with many glass vendors, giving you a huge range of products to choose from.
  • Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant - A simple coating of our hydrophobic glass protectant with prevent hard water build up and grime from destroying the clarity of your shower doors.

When you are looking for a beautifully remodeled bathroom, visit Glass Doctor of Goshen for quality, custom shower doors and tub enclosures. Our friendly glass specialists will walk you through the process to guarantee that the glass solutions you choose will give you satisfaction for years to come.