Advance Measurement System

Disasters are unpredictable, so instituting a solid disaster recovery plan is a shrewd move for business owners in the greater Goshen area. As part of the local community, the team of glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Goshen are proud to offer all local business owners a financially beneficial program of proactive glass care that will ensure a fast response and recovery in the event of a disaster.

With membership in our Advance Measurement System, our experts will survey your space and measure the glass in every area of the building. Our team will document the types and sizes of glass used in each location and whether specialty glass is installed in certain areas. With that information, we’ll create a numbered record of your commercial glass needs on a diagram of your business space for future glass repairs or replacements.

Priority Emergency Services

No matter when or how your commercial glass gets damaged or broken, our proactive glass care services are activated as soon as you contact us and report the number the damaged pane as listed on your copy of the diagram. If we have the corresponding pane on hand, our team of specialists will immediately replace the broken panes, saving you the need for our excellent board-up services.

Additional Benefits

Our expert emergency and repair services protect your business from additional damage. With participation in our Advance Measurement system, we’ll also have instant access to your contact and credit information, further accelerating our already fast process.

In-Stock Program

Glass Doctor of Goshen offers our business clients an In-Stock program which ensures glass replacement if certain panes are prone to breakage. As part of this program, our specialists will store any number of extra glass panels or custom items for future needs.

Here are several of the benefits our Advance Measurement system and proactive glass care programs offer:

  • Unmatched customer service combined with superior glass installation work
  • Little to no down-time while waiting for repairs or replacements
  • We’ll quickly restore the safety level of your business for staff and customers
  • Our rapid response helps prevent potential vandalism or theft
  • Having your financial information streamlines installation and billing processes

The best time to protect your business is well before disaster strikes, so contact the glass experts at Glass Doctor of Goshen and schedule an on-site consultation at your convenience.