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Heavy Machinery Glass

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Large agricultural and construction equipment utilize specialty glass to improve operator safety. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) outlines specific safety requirements concerning heavy equipment vehicles. Because farm and construction machinery operates year-round in all type of weather, and are subject to rigorous vibrations and sustained pressures, the glass must withstand severe stresses. To prevent a serious threat of injury and maintain regulatory compliance, small chips and minor cracks must be repaired immediately. Glass Doctor® of Goshen provides heavy equipment glass care service that keeps farming, grading and construction equipment safe for operation.

Superior Glass Maintenance

While on the job, mobile machinery is exposed to various hazards. As a part of our comprehensive glass care service, we conduct industry compliant, on-site repairs and replacements. Our experienced glass professionals perform heavy equipment glass care maintenance that solves glass problems and ensures safety compliance. Damage from exposure to abrasive substances and flying debris weaken the structural integrity. We employ industry approved techniques and standards to repair small chips and cracks quickly and securely.

Industrial Grade Glass Service

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex Home Glass Services

Occasionally, glass damage is severe enough to warrant a complete replacement. Our experts fabricate replacements for agricultural and industrial machinery according to the original manufacturer's equipment standards for integrity. Due to the various types of heavy equipment glass care requirements, we custom craft replacement glass in a variety of shapes, sizes and thickness specifications. Our experts establish a precision fit to ensure a water tight seal and proper safety compliance. Perfect for agricultural businesses and equipment rental companies, commercial account holders benefit from worry-free heavy equipment glass care. Features include:

  • Professional account set-up
  • Simplified billing and work-order processing
  • Priority scheduling

Customization Options

We fabricate and install heavy equipment glass that is suited to your particular requirements. In addition to laminated and tempered glass, our heavy equipment glass care service includes a variety of customization options that allow you to match the original design, or improve it to meet your plan. Options include:

  • Impact resistant glass: To protect your equipment in areas that feature heightened risk factors, impact resistant glass offers an additional shield.
  • Colored tints: Enhance operator ease of use with glass tints that shade the interior and increase visibility, guarding against glare and creating a worker-friendly environment.
  • De-fog and de-ice: Choose glass options that speedily remove condensation and ice.
  • Attachment openings: Our glass experts custom create banded glass panes that include openings for wiper blades, handles and similar attachments.
  • Glass treatment: Clear Choiceк glass protectant fortifies existing glass against scratches, and prevents the build-up of environmental pollutants, dirt and mineral deposits. Glass stays clean and repels water quickly, channeling it away from the operator's line of sight, for enhanced visibility. The one-time application lasts for five years.

Keeping your agricultural and industrial machinery in good working order improves your costs and prevents waste. Contact Glass Doctor of Goshen to arrange for your free heavy equipment glass care consultation today.