Custom Mirrors

The use of custom glass mirrors adds much more than just function to an interior design; mirrors affect the comfort and style of your home. Mirrors not only add a touch of style and elegance to an interior, they also help make an area feel more spacious, thereby allowing you to make a positive long-lasting impression on friends, family and visitors.

Glass Doctor® of Goshen glass specialists have years of experience providing a wide range of custom glass solutions, including high quality glass mirrors and glass decor, to our clients that fit their specific styles and tastes. We have the ability to cut and install practically any type of mirror or glass surface that you need.

Mirrors Bring Beauty and Benefits

Improve Visual Depth and the Illusion of Space

One of the added benefits of using custom mirrors throughout your home is that they help smaller spaces feel more open and inviting. A custom mirror can be strategically placed to reflect hallway walls or low ceilings to create the illusion of more space, thereby making the area feel more comfortable.

A custom mirror will compliment your home's architecture, especially through the use of certain frames. We provide in-home consultations so that you can identify what types of glass mirrors will benefit your home design and where they will be most effective. Some of the custom mirror options that we provide include:

  • Statement mirrors: Emphasize focal points, such as headboards or fireplace mantles.
  • Mirrored walls: Increase the illusion of space in narrow or cramped hallways.
  • Mirrored backsplash: Add visual depth to the kitchen space.

Compliment Home Decor and Art

Glass mirrors cut to your desired specifications and customized using a selection of edges, finishes, frames and tints will accentuate the existing art and glass decor within your home. You may want to consider using decorative mirror options that include:

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors work for practically any application, such as adding an element of glass decor to walls that contain framed art or photos.
  • Hanging mirrors: Strategically placed hanging mirrors can reflect sunlight to fill up a room containing some of your favorite pieces of art.
  • Mirrored shelves: Display your antiques, art pieces, collectibles or sculptures with a panoramic, 360-degree view.

Improve Natural Light

Custom mirrors, including mirrored tabletops and hanging mirrors, can be used to reflect and enhance both natural and artificial light throughout your home's interior. This is especially effective in brightening up darker rooms without windows. Improve your interior's natural light with these window options:

  • Mounted mirrors: Amplify the light produced by mounted lanterns, desk lamps and other light sources.
  • Bedroom mirrors: Light up the bedroom by reflecting the light from your table lamps or the natural light from your bedroom windows.

Custom Mirrors Made to Impress

Full-length mirrors allow you to get a top-to-bottom view of your clothing and overall appearance before leaving your home, making them perfect for bedrooms, closets and foyer. Our Glass Doctor of Goshen specialists install full-length mirrors that include:

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Perfect for providing a full view of yourself.
  • Framed Mirrors: Introduce an element of elegance and style using the frame of your choosing.

To schedule an in-home consultation to determine your custom glass mirror needs, contact us at Glass Doctor of Goshen today.