Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

A broken window isn't just unsightly; it’s an assault upon the safety, integrity and sustainability of your home. Broken windows let outside air inside, raising the financial and environmental cost of heating during the winter and air conditioning during the summer. They also expose the interior of your house to the weather, damaging furniture, walls and appliances. The sooner you deal with broken windows, the better. Glass Doctor® of Fort Lauderdale provides fast and effective emergency window repair services, allowing you to restore your home's integrity and rest easy.

Emergency Window Repair

We are committed to replacing your windows as soon as they're broken. Our emergency response team is on call 24/7. No matter the time, the weather or the distance to your house, we'll be there to fix your windows and keep your home secure.

If you're a regular Glass Doctor customer, you may be interested in our Advantage Plan®. This plan guarantees you discounts, priority scheduling, free home inspections, and warranties on your windows' glass, all for a low fee. We'll also help you plan for future threats to your windows, making it less likely that you'll need emergency window repair in the first place.

Recovery and Replacement

If your window is completely shattered, emergency window repair will not be possible, so our team will replace your window with new panes as soon as we can. Standard window replacements take a few hours, but if your windows use a rare type of glass, we won't be able to replace them immediately. In this case, we'll board up your window for you and clean up the glass free of charge.


In addition to fixing or replacing your windows, Glass Doctor of Fort Lauderdale provides a wide variety of services and products to upgrade them, making your home more sustainable and efficient. One of our most popular products are double pane windows, ideal for keeping outdoor temperatures from affecting your home. These windows consist of two panes held apart by a spacer, which dries up any moisture that enters the space between the panes. This makes it more difficult for heat to move through your windows, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating or air conditioning. The spacer can also be designed to reflect noise away from your windows, thereby sound proofing your home.

Homeowners looking to protect the interior of their home may prefer tinted glass. Specially designed to filter out UV rays, tinted windows prevent your walls, furniture, and clothes from fading. They also reduce the amount of heat entering your home, making summer air conditioning cheaper and more sustainable.

To reinforce your windows against damage and dirt, consider coating them with our Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant. This product strengths the panes against weathering and debris while preventing soil, mold, or bacteria from sticking to them. A hydrophobic coating treatment will extend the life of your windows while reducing the effort and cost of maintaining them.

Don't leave your house vulnerable to the elements. Call Glass Doctor of Fort Lauderdale today for emergency window repair, replacements and upgrades.