Auto Glass Care

Your auto glass is one of your vehicle’s most important safety components, so when it’s damaged, you shouldn’t delay having it fixed. Unfortunately, if the company you use for auto glass repair or replacement performs sub-par work or uses inferior materials, your family could still be at risk. The fact the work wasn’t done well may not be immediately noticeable, but it could be devastating if you’re in an accident. Windshields that aren’t correctly installed can pop out during an accident, greatly increasing the chance of a serious or even deadly injury. That’s why you should trust Glass Doctor® of Fort Lauderdale to replace or repair your windshield. We adhere to the highest possible professional standards, using techniques and materials recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), a non-profit organization. We’re a local business trained to deliver the professionalism, expertise, and reliability of a national business.

Windshield Care

When you have windshield damage, a small crack or chip may spread as the temperature changes which can cause the glass to expand and contract. This could turn a small repair into dangerous damage that necessitates a replacement. In addition, a crack or chip will become packed with dirt and grit in a short amount of time, making the chances of an effective repair far less likely.

Our auto glass repair specialists will respond when and where you need us, ready to fix your windshield if a repair is possible. In most cases, we complete the work in about an hour. Most auto insurance policies will cover this type of repair without charging you the deductible, so you may have no out-of-pocket costs. We’ll even help file your insurance paperwork.

Auto Glass Replacement

In many vehicles, tempered glass is used in auto glass other than the front windshield. This ensures that if this type of glass is broken, it will break into small, safe chunks instead of sharp shards. It’s found in passenger windows, back windshields, sunroofs, and other areas. This glass can’t be repaired, but our specialists are fully trained in this type of car pane replacement.

If a replacement is needed, we’ll use Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass to make your auto glass as good as the day your car rolled off the factory floor. If you have technology such as rain or humidity sensors or radio antennas in your auto glass, our specialists have the training and expertise to navigate them without causing damage.

Auto Glass Protection

​We stand behind every windshield replacement with our Windshield Protection Plan, which is included at no cost. For additional coverage that includes the cost of labor, as well as new windshield wipers and a hydrophobic coating glass treatment, choose our Value Package for an additional cost. With just one application, our hydrophobic treatment protects your windshield from scratches, mineral deposits, and water stains. It makes your windshield retain its clarity in rain and sleet, increasing visibility and safety.

If you need auto glass repair or replacement, contact Glass Doctor of Fort Lauderdale, and check out our special offers for additional savings.