Windshield Replacement & Repair in Fairbanks, AK

Windshield cracks will make it difficult to see, put your glass at risk for further damage and compromise the crash performance of your vehicle. All these issues threaten the safety of you and your passengers, so delaying windshield repair or replacement is a risk. Glass Doctor® of Fairbanks efficiently repairs or replaces your windshield to dissolve the safety risks.

windsheild repair

Chipped Windshields

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks repairs most chipped windshields. There are a few exceptions to this rule. If the chip has the following characteristics, then the windshield will require replacement:

  • Chips wider than 3/8 inches have compromised the structure of your window too greatly to be repaired.
  • Chips directly in the driver's line of sight will leave a blurred outline if repaired, possibly distracting drivers.
  • Old chips allow dirt to build up, making repairs darker.

Cracked Windshields

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks also repairs most cracks. As with chips, there are certain cracks that will require your windshield to be replaced instead of repaired. For example:

  • Cracks longer than three inches have deteriorated the strength of your windshield.
  • Cracks that have splintered to the edge of a windshield.
  • Old cracks with too much dirt to perform a clean repair.

Our team of auto glass specialists will be able to quickly determine whether or not your windshield can be repaired or needs replacement.

Windshield Repair Process in North Pole and Fairbanks

After inspecting your windshield for repair viability, we remove all dirt and debris from the affected area; sometimes we drill the area to make sure the space the resin is deposited is clean and smooth. Then our specialists inject a glass repair resin into the area. We cure and polish the resin to ensure a smooth, clear finish. At Glass Doctor of Fairbanks, windshield repair is always the first option. Here is why:

  • Maximum Convenience: Our auto windshield specialists perform quick repairs. The entire process usually takes less than an hour.
  • Inexpensive: Windshield repair is exponentially less expensive than replacing the whole thing.
  • Extra insurance benefits: Because of the low cost and safety benefits of windshield repair, most car insurance companies will waive your deductible. We work with all major insurance carriers; what's more, we will file the claim for you. This way, all you have to do is call our North Pole location and our team take care of you.
  • Environmentally benefits: When a windshield is replaced, the old one is typically thrown in the garbage. This creates additional non-biodegradable waste. You don't have to worry about this when you get your current windshield repaired.

To properly repair your windshield, Glass Doctor specialists remove debris from the impacted area, sometimes using a drill to create a clean passageway for the repair resin. A special resin is then injected into the damaged area using a tool that attaches to the surface of the glass. After injection, the resin is cured and polished to a clear finish.

Windshield Replacement in North Pole and Fairbanks

If your windshield cannot be repaired safely, our specialists will replace your windshield.

Our process follows the Auto Glass Safety Council's approved method. First, we acquire a windshield that matches the Original Equipment Equivalent's (OEE) specifications. We then carefully remove the windshield, avoiding damage to the vehicle paint and bonding surface along the edges. Finally, we apply a special adhesive and insert the new windshield.

While the windshield adhesive cures, we review our Windshield Protection Plan with you. Every windshield replacement includes our Windshield Protection Plan, which promises that within the first year after replacement we will repair chips and cracks in your new windshield or replace it the glass once for free.