Double Pane Window Services for Fairbanks

Fairbanks, Alaska is known as one of the coldest cities in the United States. It is also a city with one of the biggest temperature inversions on the planet, as warm air rises to the hills just north of Fairbanks. Because of the amount of heat generated in houses to stay cozy during the frigid months, an investment in double pane windows may pay for itself in the energy savings experienced. Glass Doctor® of Fairbanks offers a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs) to maintain your home’s comfort levels and make it more eco-friendly.

About Double Pane Windows

double pane window

A double pane window has two panes of insulated glass with an insulated spacer. Glass Doctor of Fairbanks seals the glass panes with a warm-edge foam core that prevents air leaks. The spacers also help prevent thermal conductivity and can give the glass higher insulating values.

Our service professionals use high-grade sealants around IGUs to further prevent air leaks. You will be able to tell if your seals are failing if the glass forms condensation or has a milky appearance between the two panes. Depending on your needs, Glass Doctor of Fairbanks will fill the space between the panes with krypton or argon gas to insulate them further which may increase your energy efficiency.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

Potential Energy Savings

The amount of daylight, ice, fog, wind and temperature inversions contribute to the extreme temperature variations that residents can experience. Because of Fairbanks’ high-latitude, sunlight is limited during the winter, so heat transfers due to sunlight is more likely to happen during summer. Unfortunately, that means that the winter can be harsh and bring cold, strong winds.

With the sun only two degrees above the horizon during the winter solstice, Fairbanks experiences unique winter conditions. Double pane windows from Glass Doctor of Fairbanks help to block the wind so cold air doesn’t enter your home. These windows also prevent warm indoor air from escaping. I. Double pane windows can allow natural light to enter your home while blocking its heat. Our energy efficient windows may even lower power bills, so your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard.

Less Noise Pollution

With one of the state’s busiest airports nearby, you may experience more than your fair share of noise pollution. Double pane windows may help lower those noise levels inside your home. For even greater energy savings and lower levels of noise pollution, consider the installation of Glass Doctor of Fairbanks’ triple pane windows.

Reduce Fading

The sun’s UV lights can cause furniture, carpeting, artwork and other materials to fade or yellow.

Double Pane Window Replacements

In addition to broken glass, you may need a window replacement if the seals are old. Other reasons for seal failures include damage, improper installation, poor quality sealant products and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks specializes in replacing and manufacturing insulated glass units. To save you money and time, our service professionals often complete window replacements by installing new panes within the existing frame, using the existing window grid. This approach prevents the need to purchase a completely new window.

At Glass Doctor of Fairbanks, our service professionals receive comprehensive training to successfully replace, protect and renovate the windows and glass in your home. Call us today or schedule an appointment to learn more about the benefits of double pane glass or to arrange a window servicing.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.