Custom Glass Solutions in Fairbanks, AK

Glass Doctor® of Fairbanks is an industry leader in custom glass installations. We offer glass and mirror products cut to your specifications. Whether you need to protect and show off your antique collections, enlarge a room with a glass wall or add privacy to a glass door, our glass specialists are here to help you.

With a variety of options to select from, you choose your glass type, color, edge finish and detailing. We offer high performance tempered glass for safety and will measure and cut each custom glass piece to match your ideal specifications.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass makes a perfect tabletop-both functional and beautiful-and is a great shelving base. Glass can be used on its own to make an entire glass unit or in conjunction with existing furniture. If used as an overlay, glass will protect your wood or other materials from scratches and spills. Glass Doctor of Fairbanks also offers special UV resistant glass that guards against fading. 

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors as a home decor solution will add dynamic effects to lighten and make a room appear more spacious. Glass Doctor of Fairbanks offers a wide range of mirror products. 

  • Full mirrored walls
  • Mirrors to fit frames
  • Dresser mirrors
  • Hanging mirrors for rooms and bathrooms
  • Door mirrors for sliding closet doors
  • Door mirrors for regular closet doors 

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks can cut mirrors to fit any size and shape you desire. Our glass specialists can create mirrors for your Fairbanks home with custom tints, edging and decorative effects. 

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

From French doors and glass patio doors to matching door glass and side windows, a glistening entryway is the best first impression of any home. Glass Doctor of Fairbanks offers a variety of door glass products to meet your needs.

  • Doors with interior blinds
  • Door glass and matching side windows
  • UV glass for doors
  • Weather and storm resistant glass 

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks has a working relationship with Western Reflections, a leader in door glass and related glass door products. Western Reflections has an extensive product line to match any style and their products carry a 20-year warranty. Glass Doctor of Fairbanks can receive and install products as early as the next day.

Low-E Glass Windows

Glass Doctor of Fairbanks will help you reduce your energy usage and lower your utility bills with the installation of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Low-E glass reduces the light and heat transmission through your home’s windows. This allows you to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while using less energy. Low-E glass also reduces the effects of UV rays fading on textiles within your home’s interior. 

For more information on custom home decor options, click here or call Glass Doctor of Fairbanks today! We will send our glass specialists to your home for an in-home consultation.