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Triple Pane Windows

Your home is your sanctuary. Finding new and effective ways to reduce your heating and cooling costs translates into energy savings that benefit the planet, your pocketbook, and your peace of mind. Glass Doctor® of Fairbanks makes energy conservation simple. We deliver triple pane windows that maximize the insulation factor of your home or office building. With an extra layer of protection against freezing temperatures, our custom fabricated triple-pane windows keep warm air inside and dampen exterior sound waves, creating a peaceful, quiet abode.

Protection Times Three

Many homeowners are unaware of the differences between triple and double pane windows. Essentially, the features that make double pane windows such a cost-effective solution are magnified with triple panes. A triple pane window includes an additional glass and space shield, maximizing the barrier between you and the outdoors. Features include:

  • Double the amount of insulation space: With triple panes, there are two weather spacers involved. The extra space reduces the heat flow, keeping your warm air inside and the cold air out. Likewise, during the summer, the spacing provides an effective guard that prevents your cool air from escaping.
  • Fortified frames: Because of the additional weight, triple pane windows require sturdier frames. The stronger frame system improves home and business safety, discouraging theft.
  • Noise reduction: The additional layer of space also prevents outdoor sounds from disturbing you while you work or relax indoors.

Custom Professional Service

We fabricate triple pane windows to meet your specific requirements. Our professionals are equipped with years of hands-on experience and can custom cut windows for a variety of home and business applications.

Already have good triple pane windows in your home but full of moisture due to a seal failure or broken panes? Glass Doctor of Fairbanks can fix those panes better than anyone and certainly faster than our competition. Click or call to schedule a free in home consultation today. Don't throw money out the window. Put it in your pocket with a locally manufactured IGU from Glass Doctor of Fairbanks. We fix your panes!