Door Closer Repair Service in Fairbanks, AK

Customer service doesn't just begin with a verbal interaction, it begins the moment that your customers step foot through your front door. If your door doesn't operate properly, then you'll immediately leave a bad first impression. To avoid this, maintaining your front door should be high on your list of priorities. Our team of specialists at Glass Doctor® of Fairbanks will ensure that your doors function properly and safely by providing full-fledged door closer care services.

How Door Closers Work

With a manual door closer, the door will only provide a little bit of initial resistance before gliding open smoothly. The user won't have to worry about closing the door behind them either since a spring in the door closer will gently force the door closed once the user has stopped applying resistance.

Door Closer Care

Wrong Types of Door Closers

Different types of doors require different types of door closers. For example, a heavier door will need a door closer that boasts stronger springs. By installing the wrong type of door closer, the door could result in a safety risk or damage or misalignments to the door and the door closer.

Poorly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Proper installation and adjustment will contribute to a longer lifespan, not to mention keep them in good working condition. Door closer installation and maintenance should be performed by an experienced specialist in order to prevent:

  • Damage from occurring to the doorframe
  • Abnormal or unexpected movements
  • Misalignments of the door

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

When a door experiences a broken seal, it will expose clearance gaps. This could leave your door's hardware vulnerable and could also result in lubricant leaks. If an oil leak occurs, it's usually an indication that there is a mechanical issue with the door closer, whether it's a missing screw, a broken O-ring or a failed seal.

Because a lack of lubrication could result in a door opening or closing to quickly, it's important to have a professional replace your door closer's oil.

The Door Has Difficulty Locking

It goes without saying that a door that has difficulty locking presents a security risk to your business. However, a faulty lock can also affect the condition of the doorframe, the door closer and the locking mechanism itself.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you're having problems with your door closer, do not try to repair it yourself. You could end up voiding your warranty if you have one. Our specialists at Glass Doctor of Fairbanks have the training and experience required to provide full-fledged door closer care services, including maintenance, repairs and installation. We will ensure that your door remains in proper working condition, thereby ensuring the safety of your customers and employees.

Our specialists are also trained to provide you with assistance in regards to your doorframes, thresholds, glass, hinges and other door hardware. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Fairbanks to learn more about our door closer care services and to schedule an on-site consultation.