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Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement


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While most of our work here at Glass Doctor® of Middle Georgia in Dublin takes place during our regular business hours, we also provide local-area customers with a 24/7 emergency service that often finds us out and about after hours, on weekends and holidays. No one knows when a glass emergency such as a broken window or shattered patio door will occur, but when it does, you want it fixed as soon as possible. For most, such a scenario presents not only a safety issue, but a security problem as well.

We keep an emergency response team on call at all times and all it takes is a quick call to get them in action. Finding help to fix a broken glass door or window late at night or on a weekend can be difficult. Emergency window repair, however, is one of our specialties and something for which we're well known. If you've suffered a broken glass surface in your home that's left a big hole in an exterior wall, that's a problem. You may also have sharp glass shards to deal with, which causes a safety risk to you and your family. We'll fix all that with our emergency window repair service.

Emergency Window Repair

When our uniformed glass repair specialists arrive at your location, the first order of business is to clean up the mess left by the broken glass and to carefully dispose of the debris. This will leave the area safe to work in and also safe for your family to occupy once again. Next, precise measurements will be taken and, if final repair cannot be affected immediately, necessary steps will be taken to secure the damaged area. Once the required piece or pieces of glass are obtained, an appointment will be made at your convenience for job completion.

In areas like Dublin, where the weather can sometimes be particularly harsh on glass doors and windows, we offer a number of options when replacing various glass surfaces. Hurricane-resistant glass is a popular choice here.

 Our job is to assume the responsibility of getting your house back to status quo as soon as we can so you can once again relax in your own home. We pride ourselves on completing each job expertly, professionally and in a timely manner. 

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While we've earned a fine reputation in the area for our quick automotive glass repair and replacement service, we also specialize in various types of residential glasswork besides emergency window repair. This includes glass shelving, tabletops and mirrors as well as beautiful shower doors and bathtub enclosures. Unlike an emergency, though, these projects can be planned for and custom designed at your leisure.

Emergency glass repair, however, is something that can't wait. Whether you're a homeowner with a broken window or a business owner with a damaged plate-glass storefront, call Glass Doctor of Middle Georgia in Dublin for an immediate response to your problem.