Double Pane Windows Keep Your Home Comfortable

What You Need to Know About Double Pane Windows

The windows in your home help to keep out harsh weather, loud noise, and other unwanted elements. Double pane windows are the optimal choice because of their ability to keep warm air inside during the cold winters and cold air inside during hot summers.

 Glass Doctor® of Dothan is the perfect choice for installing, repairing, or replacing the double pane windows in your home because of our service professionals’ experience, our high-quality materials, and our excellent customer service.

The Replacement Process for Insulated Glass Units

Upgrading to insulated glass units (IGU), otherwise known as double pane windows, from Glass Doctor of Dothan will help keep your home's indoor temperatures consistent year-round. IGUs seal out the outside weather extremes while keeping your family comfortable in your desired indoor temperature. These energy-efficient insulated windows take the pressure off your home's A/C and heating units and may reduce your monthly utility expenses.

The insulated glass unit is comprised of two or more pieces of glass with a spacer for separating each pane. The spacers are unique in their own right, with some containing a material - referred to as a desiccant - that absorbs moisture so that water will not accumulate between your window panes.

A sealant, given a high-grade standing, is used to seal the outside edges of the IGU and prevent moisture or condensation from forming between glass panes. No matter what combination and style of IGU you desire, our service professionals at Glass Doctor of Dothan will help you select the perfect fit.

Repairing or Replacing an Insulated Glass Unit

Glass Doctor of Dothan has a specialty service just for insulated glass unit replacement. Our team of glass replacement experts works with you to evaluate whether to replace an entire window or perhaps just a portion of your window, avoiding any unnecessary expenses along the way.

Warning signs that your IGU's may be compromised include a milky appearance to the glass, condensation forming between the panes, or distorted or broken panes. Windows in your home account for 25 percent of residential heat loss, so it is critical to seek solutions when they are broken.

Double Pane Window Replacement Near Me

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