Advance Measurement System

Proactive glass care from Glass Doctor® of Dothan adds an additional layer of protection for your business in the event of a disaster or emergency. With the Advanced Measurement system, our commercial customers receive proactive glass care via a complete audit of the building's glass needs. Our team catalogs every piece of glass in your business, so we know exactly the type of glass you need in case of replacement. We then draw up a map of your site to be used as a point of reference.

Expedited Service Calls

Should a piece of glass require emergency service, call Glass Doctor of Dothan and mention the number of the glass according to your map. Because we already know the size, style and type of glass needed for the replacement, we can pull your replacement pane from our pre-existing inventory and complete the job shortly after arriving on site. This lets you avoid unsightly board ups that make your business appear closed down or abandoned to potential customers.

In-Stock Replacements

If you know that a certain type of glass needs frequent replacement, you can request that Glass Doctor of Dothan keep those panes on hand, so there’s never any doubt that your replacement can occur smoothly.


You can’t lock a broken window, and when there is damage to your facility’s windows you increase your risk of vandalism and burglary. While boards on the windows deter petty criminals; you need to replace the glass to secure the site. The speed of service under the Advanced Measurement System ensures the safety and security of your business after a glass emergency.

Easier Payment

The Advanced Measurement System also simplifies the payment by pre-approving your business for glass work. Instead of waiting for days for a credit approval, we can get started on the work as soon as you make the call.

Accelerated Emergency Glass Care

A proactive glass care strategy protects your business from liability and further damage in the event of a glass emergency. Contact us to speak with a specialist in the Advanced Measurement System or to schedule an appointment.