Door Closer Repair Service

At Glass Doctor® of Dothan, we know the importance of excellent customer service. We also know it starts and ends when your clients walk through your doors. As they enter and exit, the door should provide some initial resistance before gliding open and clearing the path for them. The mechanism responsible for this is called a door closer. Because it plays such a crucial role in your customers' first and final impressions of your business, we recommend regular door closer care from our professional glass specialists.

How Your Door Closer Works

Your door closer is a manual mechanism that contains springs, O-rings and an arm that attaches to the door itself. The components in your door closer work together to provide the right amount of resistance as your door opens and shuts. The springs are pushed back and forth to support the door's weight. A lost screw or broken O-ring may create leaks and clearance gaps that lead to costly and dangerous problems later. Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain oil levels, replace missing screws or damaged rings, and correct alignment problems before they cause more damage.

Repairing Broken Door Closers

Oil leaks and abnormal movements, such as the door slamming or flying open, usually indicate a problem with the door closer itself. Our specialists will repair or replace your damaged door closer, getting to the root of the problem to prevent further safety concerns. For example, if your door closer is too lightweight for your heavy duty doors, we will replace the whole mechanism instead of exposing you and your customers to insufficient springs. We also refill fluids, replace damaged or missing components, re-establish an airtight seal, and adjust springs when necessary.

Repairing Difficult-to-Lock Doors

Your store security is only as good as your locking mechanism. If your door is difficult to lock or unlock, your property may be at risk because of mechanical errors or alignment issues which get worse over time. Before your door frame or door closer are damaged by a faulty lock, ask Glass Doctor of Dothan to take a look. Our specialists will troubleshoot your locking difficulties and make sure your door closer lines up perfectly with your lock, frame and door.

Your storefront doors and windows should keep your customers safe while creating positive impressions of your company. In addition to our business glass services, our glass specialists offer door closer care for local businesses that need to impress every single guest. Contact us today to schedule your door closer care or learn more about our glass and door repair services in Dothan.