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Auto Glass Care

Intact auto glass is essential to the safety and functionality of your car, yet many drivers ignore glass damage until it's too late. The sooner you get your vehicle’s cracks and chips fixed, the cheaper and easier the repairs will be and the less danger you and your passengers will face. If your vehicle’s windows, windshield, or sunroof is damaged, don't wait for the problem to get out of hand. Trust in Glass Doctor® of Daytona Beach's quality auto glass repair services to restore your vehicle to premium condition.

Windshield Care

Most drivers don't realize how crucial their windshields are to the safe operation of their vehicles. In the event of a front-end crash, your windshield provides 45% of your car's architectural strength; if your vehicle rolls over, it provides 60%. A damaged windshield is thus an enormous risk to you and your passengers and should be fixed as soon as possible.

With our auto glass specialists, there's no need to ignore windshield damage. We provide quality same-day auto glass repair services and will help you fill out the necessary insurance forms. Most insurance providers cover small damages, so if you repair cracks and chips in your windshield, you won't have to pay any money.

If the damage is serious enough to make repair impossible, our team provides quick and efficient windshield replacements. As members of the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), we follow strict guidelines for windshield replacement and are committed to making your new windshield as safe and strong as possible. We use the strongest adhesives available to hold your windshield in place, and we only use a glass of the same or higher quality as that of the original windshield. While preparing to install a new windshield, we'll keep you updated on new technologies that can be installed along with it, including radio antennas and accessories, rain and humidity sensors, and thermometers.

Auto Glass Replacement

In order to increase passenger safety, most modern cars use tempered glass for the passenger windows, quarter glass, sunroof, and back windshields. Designed to break into safe chunks rather than shards, tempered glass reduces the risk of injury. At the same time, it makes repair impossible, so all tempered glass products must be replaced when broken. Glass Doctor of Daytona Beach provides high-quality replacements for tempered glass windows and accessories.

Besides providing quick, effective replacement services, we are also committed to making it as easy as possible to pay for your glass. We accept all major auto insurance policies, and our financial team provides reliable estimates for repair and replacement costs.

Auto Glass Protection

We take pride in our replacement work, and cover all new windshields with our Windshield Protection Plan. This means that if your windshield breaks within a year of being installed, we'll cover most of the cost of replacing it. For extra savings, however, consider buying the Future Installation Plan. Unlike the; Windshield Protection Plan, the FIP also covers labor costs and a variety of other auto care services and upgrades.

In addition to giving you a warranty on your glass, if you purchase the FIP, Glass Doctor of Daytona Beach will provide your glass with a free coat of Clear Choice™ protectant, a resin designed to strengthen windshields. Not only will Clear Choice to protect your glass from scratches, stains, and weathering, but it also prevents the buildup of mineral deposits, making your windows and windshield easier to clean. With Clear Choice, you'll have better visibility, fewer maintenance problems, and a safer vehicle.

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