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Double Pane Windows

There are many reasons why Daytona Beach homeowners invest in double pane windows. One of the most common reasons is the fear of cold and hot air loss through regular uninsulated windows. Glass Doctor® of Daytona Beach has a team of experts on hand to service your home and provides window systems to conserve energy, cut electric bill and maintain a comfortable environment in your home.

Insulated Glass

double pane window

Insulated glass allows indoor temperatures to stay indoors and offers a barrier that keeps the hot or cold air of the outdoors at bay. This means that the air conditioning and heating systems do not have to run as much or as long, thus saving both energy and money. Insulated glass windows are typically made up of two pieces of glass with a space between the two panes. Spacers can be filled with moisture absorbing desiccants or a specially formulate gas that helps buffer temperature fluxes. The perimeter edges are sealed airtight to prevent drafts and air exchange.

Insulated Glass Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Daytona Beach, we specialize in the replacement of a wide range of insulated window designs and systems. We will examine your windows to determine if double pane is the best option for your home. Our glass specialists will also help you with any replacement that needs to be done to any existing insulated windows in your home.

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