Window Repair & Replacement Services in Central Texas

Window glass repair and replacement in and around Brady, TX is not uncommon for homes and businesses, and it’s seldom a do-it-yourself fix. That’s why our friends and neighbors in McCulloch County contact Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX professionals to ensure their window glass repair meets the highest standards for safety and energy conservation. Our glass professionals are trained in industry-best practices for business and home window glass repair and replacement, and our up-front pricing means there’s never an unexpected charge when the work is finished.

Window Repair

24/7 Emergency Response

When your Brady, TX home or business suffers glass damage from extreme weather or vandalism, our first responders will secure your area against additional harm by boarding-up all openings. We remove all glass shards and debris from the area that may jeopardize the safety of pedestrians, children and pets. If we can’t complete the repair immediately, we’ll return at a later time convenient to you.

Double Pane Window Glass Repair

Central Texas weather will stress properties and buildings, especially windows. If your double pane windows show condensation between the panes or have a dirty, foggy appearance at the corners, you likely have seal leaks. This not only lowers your property’s curb appeal, but you’re also paying extra for lost cooling and heating.

Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will always repair glass damage if possible; our landfills are already overflowing with broken glass. But when it’s necessary to replace your glass, you can choose from a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs), double or triple pane windows, as well as increase your safety with tint barriers or safety glass. If you need to replace glass windows, it is the perfect time to consider upgrades that will increase your property value.

Additional Glass Services

Specialty Glass

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX specialists deliver a superior replacement service for outdoor glass tabletops, patio doors and garage door windows. Our interior design specialists will show you how to create a new ambiance with mirrors and glass decor. Consider adding custom glass shower doors to increase the appeal of your bathroom and the value of your home.

Tinted Glass

Glass tints can be subtle and inconspicuous or add a pop of color to glass. Tints also protect your interiors from sun damage and provide an additional obstacle to damage from vandalism or weather by holding pieces of broken glass together.

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

One application of hydrophobic coating glass protectant protects windshields and windows from scratches and stains due to hard water and environment pollutants while enhancing visibility for years! Glass Doctor of Brady, TX recommends this application for granite countertops and bathroom glass fixtures, too.

Glass Window and Door Hardware

Our Door Closer program for businesses allows customers to easily and safely use glass entry doors. Glass Doctor of Brady, TX trained specialists repair or replace home glass window components and hardware, like balances, locks, and latches.

The Advantage Plan®

This plan was designed for proactive homeowners; it prepares your home for a worst-case glass scenario. Members enjoy steep discounts and a breakage guarantee for any services. In a case of area-wide glass damage, members receive priority scheduling. Make plans for your glass care now, so any damage is a minor issue!

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX is ready to assist you no matter which pane or product needs our expertise. Call 855-971-6143 or contact us online to arrange a consultation for energy savings for your home or business. Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will also work with your architect and other contractors when you have a renovation or new build project. Let’s get started today!