Windshield Replacement & Repair in Central Texas

Trust Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX to provide expert windshield crack repair and replacement to the drivers of Brady, TX. We will assess the damage and safely restore your auto glass using the industry's best techniques. Several factors determine whether windshield repair or replacement best serves your vehicle. Our glass specialists consider the following:

Size: Typically, chips exceeding 3/8 inch in diameter and cracks longer than three inches determine replacement. But, our experienced specialists closely examine the damage in an effort to save you time and money with repair.

Location: A noticeable outline prevents complete transparency after windshield repair. As a result, cracks or chips in your line of vision require replacement. For your protection, we also replace cracks crawling along windshield edges.

Time Between Damage and Assessment: Neglected cracks and chips allow precipitation and other environmental factors to increase windshield damage. Don’t delay repair and create unnecessary expenditures.

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX coordinates with all major insurance companies to make filing claims 100% hassle-free. Our specialists even manage the paperwork to simplify your restoration experience. Contact our team to receive unforgettable customer service guaranteed to protect you and your family.

Windshield Repair Advantages

Take advantage of windshield repair for minor chips and cracks. We continually advocate repair service over replacement work because of the benefits customers enjoy:

Convenience: Look forward to a speedy repair completed within an hour.

Cost: Repair your windshield for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Insurance Coverage: Impress your insurance company with the affordability of windshield crack repair. Most companies overlook a deductible and pay to restore your vehicle.

Sustainability: Choose repair and keep scrap glass out of dumps and landfills.

Our specialists perform a pre-repair clean for high-quality windshield crack repair. This allows repair resin to completely fill and adhere inside cracks and chips. Finally, we cure and polish the resin for maximum transparency.

Windshield Replacement

In the event a windshield replacement is required, trust the Glass Doctor of Brady, TX team to successfully complete the project. We execute three steps to provide perfect windshield replacement.

Removal: Specialists cautiously detach your old windshield, avoiding paint and bonding surface damage.

Search and Selection: We consult the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) to pick the perfect replacement.

Installation: We position your new windshield using Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) procedures. Our process only uses industry-trusted adhesives to seal your windshield. After applying the pane, we allow the seal to set for one hour prior. If your windshield sustains damage within 12 months, our Windshield Protection Plan promises a free pane in the event of a second replacement and unlimited repairs.

Our glass specialists go above and beyond for your safety and satisfaction. Serving Brady, TX, and surrounding areas, Glass Doctor of Brady, TX delivers unmatched car glass repair. Complete an online service request form or call 855-971-6143 to speak with an expert. We’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience and show you how we gained millions of satisfied customers.