Double Pane Window Services for Central Texas

Residents in the Brady, Texas area must protect their homes from harsh UV exposure. Frequent changes in temperature can put a tremendous strain on your windows, the leading source of temperature exchange in any building, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable climate inside your home. Insulated glass units (IGUs) from Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX provide a solution to help you maintain a comfortable home and reduce your energy costs.

Double pane windows, made with a highly efficient type of insulated glass, are ideally suited to homes in the Brady, Texas area. The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Brady, TX specialize in the installation of double pane windows, along with double pane window replacement.

Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Put simply, double pane windows are much better than traditional windows at reducing heat transfer. That means they keep out the heat and cold during every season. The insulated glass in double pane windows cuts down the amount of heat that enters your home from outside during summer, and in winter the warm air stays sealed inside your home where it belongs. The result is a more comfortable home year-round. And because you don't need to run your home’s heating and air conditioning system as much, you also use less energy and save money.

Insulated glass units like double pane windows consist of at least two panes of glass, triple pane windows are also available, along with an insulated spacer that separates the panes and keeps the space between them sealed up tight. In many cases, spacers are filled with a unique absorbent material known as a desiccant, which reduces condensation between the panes and keeps the airtight seal secure.

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Brady, TX seal the perimeter of the entire insulated glass unit with a high-grade sealant that keeps the windows airtight and free from condensation for years to come. Many IGUs include extra insulation courtesy of a layer of argon or krypton gas in the airspace between the window panes. Long story short: you get a more efficient window that stands up to the ravages of time and the elements.

Double Pane Window Replacement

Insulated glass provides a huge advantage over old-fashioned single pane windows, but double and triple pane windows can still experience problems if they are damaged or the seal is broken. That's why Glass Doctor of Brady, TX also offers double pane window replacement to ensure that your home continues to reap the advantages of high-efficiency window glass.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.

Warning signs of a broken seal include condensation between the window panes or a foggy, milky appearance to the glass. If your windows display any of these symptoms, contact Glass Doctor of Brady, TX for double pane window replacement. Fortunately, our specialists are often able to save you money by installing new insulated glass units within your existing frames rather than replacing the entire window.

We offer you a variety of window glass services to best solve your pane problems. Count on the Glass Doctor of Brady, TX team, call or fill out our online form today!