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Door Closer Repair Service

The first impression Brady, TX customers have of your business happens at the front door. Ensuring the entryways of your business are working properly reflects upon the image of your company. Glass Doctor® of Brady, TX possesses years of experience performing door closer repair services for a wide variety of businesses, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

How Door Closers Operate

A door closer works to allow customers to open doors with minimal effort and also ensures the door shuts by itself. A malfunctioning door closer undermines the safety and security of your business. Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will perform door closer repair today!

Door Closer Repair Services

The Wrong Door Closers

The more a door weighs, the more strength a door closer’s spring requires. If the incorrect type of door closer is used for the entrance of your business, this can pose significant safety hazards to customers while also damaging the door itself over time.

Poor Installation and Door Closer Adjustment

Glass Doctor of Brady, TX will arrive at your Brady, TX business and perform immediate door closer repair. Our specialists will work to ensure your door operates the way it was meant to and continues to work properly for years to come. We will adjust the spring for the door closer to prevent issues such as:

  • Damage to the door frame
  • Strange door movement
  • Misalignment

Damaged Seals and Inadequate Oil Levels

A broken seal in your door will cause several problems like leakage of lubrication and hardware exposure. When an oil leak is found, it’s essential to contact a door closer repair professional immediately. Oil leaks may be caused by missing screws, cracked O-rings or broken seals. Without lubrication, your door may open and close much too fast, potentially injuring customers.

Problems Locking Door

Aside from undermining the security of your business, a malfunctioning lock will also cause damage to the door closer, door frame and hardware.

Door Closer Maintenance

The warranty on a door closer may be voided if repairs are attempted by an untrained professional. Avoid this issue by allowing our specialists at Glass Doctor of Brady, TX to perform the necessary fixes. We offer a comprehensive door closer maintenance program to ensure any issues with your business doors are corrected.

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