Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Modernizing your bathroom will add value to your home. Creating a beautiful bathroom around a stunning glass shower enclosure will anchor the room, direct the light and add luxurious elegance that will turn your bathroom into the perfect place to relax after a long day! From basic framed glass shower enclosures to elaborate heavy glass doors, Glass Doctor® of Brighton, MI, has got you covered.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Consider adding beautiful custom frameless shower doors to make the space feel more open and luxurious. Frameless shower doors are custom cut to fit your space, eliminate dirty shower curtains and enhance the natural light in your bathroom. Frameless shower doors are the perfect solution for a bathroom with a unique layout. Plus, adding frameless shower doors will increase your home’s resale value and deliver premium returns down the road.

Design Your Dream Shower Space

Your ideal bathroom starts with the design. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, will guide you through the entire process from designing your ideal space to budgeting, installation and maintenance. We do it all!

If you’re just getting started it’s important to consider several factors:

  • Configuration: Are your bathroom walls tiled or drywall? Where are the studs located? Knowing the answer helps us to gauge the load bearing capability of your walls. If you don’t have the answers, our specialists will determine the type of walls and stud placements during your in-home interview.
  • Shower Heads: You’ll need to choose a fixture that is appropriate for the enclosure you’re planning. The spray should stay inside the enclosure with the water running and the door open.
  • Accurate Measurement: Starting your project with accurate measurements will prevent problems during installation. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, will come to your home, take accurate measurements of your bathroom and the present you with a comprehensive estimate including all material and installation costs.
  • Proper Ventilation: Proper ventilation prevents moisture buildup, which will eliminate peeling paint and prevent mold. We’ll improve the ventilation in your new bathroom. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, can also install glass steam room kits!

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Creation

Let us help to kick-start your creative process and realize your vision. Visit our online Shower Idea Center to learn more about your shower options.

Give us a call and set-up your in-home consultation today to discuss your dream bathroom. No matter if you need a new shower door, or a complete bathroom remodel, we will walk you through the process and create the perfect bathroom to fit your style and budget.