Auto Glass Care

If you operate a vehicle, you must make auto glass care a part of your maintenance routine. Keeping your auto glass care in pristine condition will save you money, time and worry. Count on Glass Doctor® of Brighton, MI, to ensure your vehicle's glass in great repair.

Windshield Care

If a pebble or other road debris leaves your windshield with a crack or a chip, can usually repair the damage. A small crack or chip can be injected with epoxy to restore both the strength and clarity. This is done on-site, usually in less than 30 minutes.

Windshield repair is an affordable option to windshield replacement. Chips and small cracks that do not penetrate through the glass or extend to an edge are often eligible for professional repair. A specialist from Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, will explain your options to make sure you understand the advantages of your choice. Factors which may affect your decision will also include humidity and rain sensors, temperature gauges, or embedded radio antennae.

Windshield Replacement

Unfortunately, if a crack is too large, we can't safely repair it and a windshield replacement is the only option. We can only perform windshield replacement at our location, but are able to make appointments that suit your schedule. We use only the highest quality, Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) approved glass and supplies. Before we finish, we'll perform a complete sweep of the car's interior to ensure there are no remaining glass fragments to injure you or your passengers.

Auto Glass Care

While your vehicle's windshield is made of laminated glass to make it stronger, other automotive glass panes are made of tempered glass. This type of glass is designed with your safety in mind. Tempered glass will shatter when damaged and break into tiny pieces that don't have sharp or jagged edges. Unfortunately, this means cracks and chips can't be repaired. Fortunately, our glass experts can quickly change out a damaged side window, sunroof, rear window or quarter glass panel.

It is best to replace any tempered auto glass as soon as possible. While the glass is broken, your car is vulnerable to thieves, pests and the elements. Allow our team to inspect your auto glass and order OEE panes today! We can rush the delivery if you want your car restored within days of the initial damage.

Auto Glass Replacement

Modern vehicles rely on tempered glass as part of  passenger safety. Unlike laminated windshield glass, tempered glass breaks into small, safe chunks when hit. This safety feature ensures your glass won’t break into shards and injure you. Glass Doctor replaces your tempered glass in a timely fashion. Because the glass is designed to shatter safely on impact, repair isn’t an option.

Your vehicle likely uses tempered glass for the:

  • Passenger Windows
  • Sunroof
  • Quarter Glass
  • Back Windshield

Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI specialists provide expert consultation and an accurate price estimate for replacing your glass. Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI works with most insurance carriers, allowing us to help you through the repair and replacement process!

Beyond Auto Glass Service

Every Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, windshield replacement is backed by one of our exclusive Windshield Protection Plan. You’ll drive away from a windshield replacement appointment secure in the knowledge all work has been performed to the highest professional standards, as set forth by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC), and your glass is protected for a year. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priority, and our specialists are trained to make sure your vehicle’s glass is restored to a like-new condition, ensuring your and your family’s safety when you return to the road.

Insurers Claim Assistance

We have plenty of experience working with insurers and will help you with your claim paperwork to ensure you receive the lowest cost repair possible. Insurers would rather see you call us to perform an inexpensive repair than to have to pay for an expensive windshield replacement. In fact, they'll often waive the deductible entirely. This is just one more reason to not put off calling us at the first sign of auto glass damage.

If you need auto glass care, call Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI to schedule a repair. Don't forget to ask about our Windshield Protection Plan for future repairs.