Advance Measurement System

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is a smart step to take in the event that your business is interrupted by unforeseen circumstances. With a disaster recovery plan, you'll be more prepared to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. One of the elements that you should consider for your disaster recovery plan is proactive glass care. Count on Glass Doctor¨ of Brighton, MI, to create a realistic recovery plan for your establishment.

The First Step of Glass Care

The Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, Advance Measurement system allows you to include proactive glass care in your disaster recovery plan. We will send our glass specialists to your place of business in order to survey the area and measure all of the glass panes in your windows, doors and other glass products. We will record the type of glass that is used in addition to taking note of any safety glass code requirements. The glass panes will be individually numbered on a diagram of your facility.

Fast Emergency Repairs

If any of the glass on your property breaks, you'll be able to report the number of the pane directly to us due to the diagram that was created as part of our Advance Measurement system. We will then match that number to our list of glass panes to see whether it is in stock. If it is, then we will be able to replace your broken glass pane immediately without having to board up the affected area.

Because of the Advance Measurement system, a complete installation will be performed within a single visit. This will help spare your business from an ugly board-up while also saving you both money and time. Not to mention that as a participant in our Advance Measurement program, you'll also be able to pre-establish your credit and contact information, which will help speed up the replacement process even more.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass on your property that breaks on a frequent basis, then we can pre-order the glass for you through our in-stock program. This means that you will have replacement glass in stock and ready to be installed whenever you need it. No other client will have access to glass you have pre-ordered.

The Benefits of Advance Measurement

Our Advance Measurement program provides business with numerous benefits, including:

  • Less of a risk of customer injury due to quick glass pane replacements.
  • Less exposure to vandalism and theft due to quick glass pane replacements.
  • The preserved curb appeal of your business due to the reduced need for board-ups.
  • The elimination of possible billing conflicts due to the ability to pre-establish your credit.
  • More convenience since you won't have to wait a long time for your broken glass pane to be replaced.

Be sure to protect your business before disaster strikes by implementing proactive glass care into your disaster recovery plan. To schedule an Advance Measurement inspection today, contact us at Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI.