Door Closer Repair Service

A customer's experience begins from the moment they step through your doors; you want to make sure this first moment makes the perfect impression. To that end, you need a door that seamlessly welcomes them into your place of business. Count on the entryway specialists at Glass Doctor® of Brighton, MI, to deliver the greatest door care in the area. We provide manual door closer repair and maintenance services that will ensure the safety and fluidity of your company's doors with commercial manual door closers.

How Manual Door Closers Work

A door is meant to complete an indoor environment, while still providing access to the building. Manual door closers ensure that your employees and your customers can easily open your doors without having to close them physically. Door closers work by giving someone entering the room a sense of the door's weight; the door then glides open. When a person stops pushing against the door, a spring mechanism within the door closer gently closes the door automatically. This allows people to enter the building and focus on what your company has to offer them without any distractions getting in the way.

Choosing the Right Type of Manual Door Closer

The type of manual door closer you will need depends on the door itself. Heavier doors, for instance, require stronger springs to support the weight. If you choose the wrong type of door closer in any instance, misalignments and even damage to your door closer or the door itself is likely to occur. Our team of entryway specialists knows how to quickly determine the type of door closer that you need for each entryway in your building.

Manual Door Closer Repair

As with any other component, manual door closers can be damaged or worn down. The most common causes of door problems are poorly installed doors, lack of maintenance and seal damage.

Improperly Installed Door Closers

Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, entryway specialists use the right tools for the installation of your door closers to avoid unnecessary damage. This includes the following types of problems:

  • Door frame damage
  • Unusual movements in the door
  • Door closer misalignments

If someone has already done a poor door closer install, then you should get a door closer repair or replacement soon.

Poor Door Closer Maintenance

Door closers must be regularly adjusted in order to maintain their condition. Improper or overlooked adjustments will lead to damage to the door closer and the doorframe itself. A Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, specialist will routinely adjust your door closer to prevent any problems.

Door Closer Seal Damage

A broken door closer seal creates clearance gaps, which leaves sensitive hardware exposed to the open air. This causes lubricant leaks, which eventually lead to mechanical damage with your door closer. 

A Bad Lock

Bad locks make your door difficult to secure and will throw the entire frame off track. In the process, your manual door closer will be damaged.

Door Closer Repair Specialists

Count on our specialists to restore damaged doors no matter the issue! Our team of entryway specialists has the skills and tools you need to keep your door closers working seamlessly. Give us a call today for your door closer repair or replacement service!