Custom Mirrors

New custom glass is a valuable, versatile upgrade for any home. Add reflective backing, and the transformation is even more epic. At Glass Doctor® of Brighton, MI, our specialists understand the design potential of one-of-a-kind mirrors. If you want a way to complete your home and elevate the rest of your decor and furnishings, we highly recommend custom mirrors and mirrored surfaces.

Our glass specialists cut, personalize and install mirrors for homeowners throughout the Brighton area. If you're interested in a custom mirror for your own home, we will help you design a piece that provides the benefits you need to ensure grand home improvements.

Mount Mirrors in Your Home

Increase Depth in Small Spaces

Mirrors create helpful visual illusions in small or under-lit rooms. Adding a reflective surface to a wall will appear to add depth behind the wall, while bouncing light off a mirror will increase light flow and open up a small, dark space. Our glass specialists will happily work with you to figure out the best placement for your custom mirror, angling it perfectly to increase light and add the illusion of depth in smaller spaces.

Impress Your Overnight Guests

When you invite guests to stay with you, you want them to feel at home in your home. Large, well-lit mirrors in the bathroom or guest bedroom will make it easier to get ready, while making their private spaces feel more spacious. A custom floor-to-ceiling mirror will also add luxury and depth to entryways or smaller guest quarters.

Enjoy Your Artwork from Every Angle

You take pride in your artwork and decor, and we know you want to maximize the visibility of your favorite pieces. At Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, we will customize mirrored shelves to hold your art while showing off multiple angles at once. We also recommend wall-mounted mirrors to increase the visibility of hanging art. Hang a mirror across from your favorite painting or frame collage, and double the space in which it's visible.

Complement Your Furniture with Custom Details

Add a custom frame and etching to your custom mirror, and you will turn it into an instant work of art that fits right in with your furniture and decor. We offer a variety of custom tints, edges, etching and frame options to make sure your mirror truly complements your home. Match the texture of your headboard with a framed mirror above it, or mix up your photo collages with framed mirrors that turn passing faces into your latest portraits.

Enhance Artificial and Natural Lighting

Instead of paying for more light bulbs and related utility costs, brighten up a dark space with some strategic mirror placement. Our specialists know how to use mirrors to amplify the effect of existing light sources. Whether you have a single window in a big room or you want to increase the drama of your ambient indoor lighting, we have a custom mirror that will work for you. Examples of light-enhancing mirrors include mirrored backing for wall-mounted lights, mirrored shelves for lamps, and angled mirrors that bounce sunlight into dark corners.

Discover the Difference of Mirrors

At Glass Doctor of Brighton, MI, we make sure every custom mirror adds value to our client's home. If you want to update your space with a custom mirror or mirrored shelf, call us for an in-home consultation with one of our glass experts.