Glass Table Top

Glass tabletops add style and sleek sophistication to every room. They can also be used to protect fine wood tabletops against damage from spills or scratches, plus they’re easy to clean and maintain. Glass Doctor® of Bemidji glass and mirror professionals will assess your space and lifestyle requirements, then present you with a variety of solutions from a large selection of custom glass decor styles, designs and weights.

Glass Tabletops: Useful and Fashionable

Glass Doctor of Bemidji will respond quickly when you need replacement glass in a high-traffic area of your home or office. During your in-home visit we encourage our customers to take advantage of our custom glass decor consultation service. Our glass and mirror professionals will explain the types of edgework that would best complement your interior decor, tints that offer additional appeal and UV protection, and the glass weights that meet safety requirements. Custom glass tabletops are the stylish solution for everything from patio and pool settings to formal dining and antique restoration.

Protect Your Table

UV rays can damage carpets and furniture. Glass Doctor of Bemidji offers several levels of tinting for your glass tabletops; some are so subtle they appear completely transparent and others provide a hint of color to accent your room’s color scheme.

Safety glass

Graphic of different glass edges

Safety glass is advantageous in high-traffic areas but necessary for your outdoor furniture, especially patio and poolside tables. Glass Doctor of Bemidji glass tabletops are custom designed for perfect placement, and we’ll probably recommend tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than regular glass. When broken, tempered glass will fracture into small, smooth-edged pieces. Another safety glass option is laminated glass. It has two or more layers that, when broken, holds together instead of breaking into pieces. The added protection of safety glass is critical for any area where children and pets are active.

Custom Shelving: Functional Additions

Glass and mirrored shelves open up a small space and increase the visual appeal of every room. Shelves minimize clutter and create eye-catching focal points when used to display collectibles and art pieces. Mirrored shelves can take advantage of and reflect available light, another interior design enhancement. Store-bought shelving units simply can’t compare with affordable, attractive custom shelving. Glass shelves are the perfect choice for home and office spaces, from small closets to upscale kitchens.

Ask Glass Doctor of Bemidji to recommend the number of shelves and the suggested distance between each shelf for your wall. And don’t forget to explore your options for additional design features, such as tinting, patterns and edging.

If you’re constructing a new office or home this year, our glass specialists have space solutions for every room. Our friends and neighbors in Bagley, International Falls, Park Rapids, Brainerd and surrounding areas who are renovating and restoring older Minnesota homes will benefit from our interior decorating ideas with a free consultation. Arrange your consultation today! Call the glass and mirror design professionals at Glass Doctor of Bemidji now, 218-755-5426 or contact us to learn more about custom glass decor for your home or office.

Don’t settle for store-bought shelving.  Contact Glass Doctor for your free, professional consultation today.