Door Closer Repair Service

When a customer enters your business, they expect to feel welcome. You can make your customers feel this way from the very beginning by ensuring that they have a smooth entrance. To this end, you must make sure that you have properly working manual door closers. The experienced team at Glass Doctor® of Bemidji will show you how to keep your door closers working great, and provide you with door closer repair service if necessary.

How a Door Closer Works

Without a manual door closer, entering your building becomes a hassle. Customers have to carefully open the door to prevent slamming it, and then double check to make sure that they close it all the way. Your customers shouldn't be focused on this - they should be paying attention to your business and what you sell. Uncontrolled doors are also safety hazards. Manual door closers make this happen by providing three benefits:

  • Offering initial resistance
  • Gliding open smoothly
  • Slowly closing the door

How to Take Care of Your Door Closers

Keeping your door closer in top shape begins with the initial installation. You should always have your door closers installed by a professional, because the wrong door closer type and installation techniques will cause door closer damage in a very short time. If you need door closers installed, contact the professionals at Glass Doctor of Bemidji to have the job done right.

To keep your door closers functioning well, you should have them routinely inspected by a professional. This will ensure that you can quickly have door closer repair done before any damage causes serious problems.

What to do When Your Door Closers are Damaged

Door closer damage isn't something that you should ignore. It creates a myriad of issues, including the following:

  • Door frame damage
  • Further door closer damage
  • Difficulty locking doorsl
  • Lubricant leaks
  • Wildly swinging doors
  • Floor damage

In the event that your door closers are damaged, you should never try to complete a door closer repair yourself. This is likely to make the problem worse, and will void your door closer warranty. Instead, you should immediately contact Glass Doctor of Bemidji. Our experienced door closer specialists know how to identify and repair door closer problems.

Make Your Business Welcoming With Quality Door Closers

Your local Glass Doctor has the skills, experience and tools needed to properly install your door closers to ensure an amazing beginning to the customer service that your company delivers. Contact us today so that we can help you better serve your customers!