Storefront Doors

Before a customer decides to make a purchase, they must be sold by your storefront. What they see will create their first impression of your business. The better this impression is, the more likely it is that a customer will make a purchase and convert into a repeat customer. Beyond enticing new customers into your shop, storefronts are critical to your security. Every pane and door frame must be in good repair. The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, have the skills, tools and knowledge to offer storefront glass care service that ensures your business' doors and windows are always attractive.

Storefront Doors and Window Service

We are positive we have the solution to any storefront glass dilemma. Review our full suite of storefront glass care services to determine the care you need. Or, ask our team to survey your business during our on-location consultation:

Glass door and window repair: A broken glass door or window is unsightly; it immediately lowers the quality of your products and services in the minds of customers. We'll fully restore your broken door or window. If you must replace your panes, consider upgrading your glass. We offer panes made to enhance the security and efficiency of your business. Beyond standard double pane windows, consider adding fireproof, bulletproof and hurricane-impact-resistant glass to your business to bolster protection.

Security film: Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, recommends security film for every storefront. Properly applied security film will prevent break-ins, even if your glass if the glass breaks underneath it. The film acts as a sturdy layer that holds your storefront's glass upright, preventing the broken shards from falling. Not only is film it a budget-friendly addition, but installing it will extend pane's lifespan. Graffiti ruins panes, but security film is easily replaced if it is tagged.

Door closer care: Keep your entryway in top condition with regular maintenance from our trained team. We will restore door frames and adjust door closers to smoothly function. If your door is slightly off due to damage or poor installation, our team will re-align the frame and locking mechanisms. Enroll in our door closer care program for continuous care.

24/7-Emergency glass repair: When glass breaks anywhere in your building, your business is immediately disrupted. This is especially true for your glass doors and windows. As soon as a break happens, call Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI. We'll immediately come out to fix it; then we'll schedule an appointment for a full repair or make one on the spot. This service extends beyond doors and windows to include every glass fixture in your business.

Experience Quality Glass Service

Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, offers glass care for every aspect of your business. We perform work for business fleets in addition to building car. Call on our team to set up an appointment or schedule your consultation. We look forward to serving you.