Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Calhoun County home interior professionals know that glass and mirrors can enhance or redefine the mood of any room. Your bathroom settings should be comfortable, inspiring feelings of serenity and luxury, and that mood can begin with your tub enclosures and frameless shower doors. When Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, customizes your shower and tub enclosures, it increases the value of your biggest investment – your home.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

Glass showers are the focal point of every bathroom, and frameless shower doors are an especially upscale look, with their clean lines and uninterrupted edging. Glass shower enclosures don’t just look cleaner; they really are cleaner than bacterial-laden traditional shower curtains. Homeowners today want to utilize existing natural light more effectively to create a more eco-friendly, energy-saving environment. Frameless shower walls and doors complement every space, large or small, while helping to maximize lighting. With a large selection of etchings, edgings, tints and weights, you’ll find customizing your bathroom’s shower glass is an adventure in design!

Your Shower Space, Your Design

Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, specialists are experienced with and trained in every step of the bathroom glass customization process, from concept to creation and installation. We work with your budget and within your timeframe, explaining the many options from which to select to ensure safety and maximize beauty. Factors to discuss with your architect or contractor include:

  • Structural Factors: Locate each wall’s supporting studs and determine if your walls are made of drywall or tile. This information will help you choose the glass weight, which your walls can support.
  • Ventilation: Moisture build-up can lead to mold, peeling paint and structural deterioration of bathroom walls and ceilings, so we’ll do a ventilation assessment to ensure your bathroom has good air circulation. An added benefit of our glass steam room kits is improved shower enclosure ventilation.
  • Enclosure Height and Doors: If you’re working with previously installed shower heads, your enclosure needs to be high enough and the door placed in such a way that water won’t spray out of the shower area. For new installation, make sure the shower heads are positioned properly. Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, offers an in-home consultation and pre-measurement for materials and installation so you can factor the cost into your project budget.

Bathroom Improvement

Shower Idea Center

Exploring shower and tub accessories and designs in our shower door and shower door accessories galleries. Because Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, is locally owned, we have local knowledge as well as professional training to be able to offer you superior services for a bathroom renovation, restoration and construction. Check out links to bathroom remodeling resources:

Be sure to call 269-919-0091 or contact us for your next construction project. Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, professionals are your knowledgeable source for bathroom tub enclosures and frameless shower door designs when you’re renovating or building a new home.