Advance Measurement System

Don't wait until disaster strikes your business to react. Instead, it's best to have the Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI Advanced Measurement business recovery plan in place for a preemptive response. With this exclusive business service, our specialists survey the facility and record the measurements and specifications for all glass products, including doors, windows and interior decor. Then, we create a diagram with all of the panes and glass products numbered. We provide your company with a copy of the diagram, and we keep one on file. Taking these steps drastically reduces the time a pane repair or replacement takes.

When Disaster Strikes

In the event your business suffers a glass-related accident, simply contact Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI and report the number of the pane damaged from the diagram. Our experts will then quickly match the number with our list of comparable panes. In most instances, we will have the damaged glass in stock and replace it immediately without ever having to use a board-up.

With our business recovery plan, we are able to complete our services in a single visit. This type of expedited care saves you money and time, while protecting your brand image from having to board-up the site. To make the process flow more smoothly, pre-establish credit and contact information through our Advanced Measurement plan.

Choose Our In-Stock Options

If your business has glass that breaks on a regular basis, our in-stock business recovery program is the ideal solution. Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI will pre-order those frequently damaged glass panes and keep them at our shop, so your glass will be ready whenever disaster strikes.

Benefits of Advanced Measurement Plan

When you choose our Advanced Measurement plan, you will enjoy several benefits, such as:

  • Lower costs because repairs are completed in a single trip.
  • Reduced risk of a customer injury from damaged glass.
  • Less downtime and inconvenience from expedited repairs.
  • Increased security and minimized exposure to theft and vandalism.
  • Greater brand image control without the need for board ups.

Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, it's best to plan and implement our Advanced Measurement business recovery plan. Contact Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI today to schedule an inspection.