Double Pane Windows

The windows that you choose for your Battle Creek, MI home have a drastic impact on your home's comfort and the cost of your monthly utility bills. Windows that are not properly sealed or are built using only a single pane of glass typically don't hold up well to the constant temperature changes outside. Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI offers homeowners the option to upgrade their insulated glass units (IGUs), commonly known as double or triple pane windows. These windows are best known for the ability to trap climate controlled air in the home, so you enjoy a high energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Double Pane Windows

double pane window

Insulated glass units are more effective than traditional window options because of their ability to cushion your home from the changing temperatures outside while retaining your desired temperature inside. So during the summer season, typical heat transmittance through your home's windows will be reduced, thereby keeping your home nice and cool. During the winter seasons, they will help prevent the heat produced by your HVAC system from escaping through the windows. This results in a more comfortable space with lower heating and cooling bills. As an added benefit, your HVAC system won't have to work nearly as hard to replace climate-controlled air, which means that it will less likely to require early replacement due to unnecessary wear and tear.

How Our Insulated Glass Units Work

The reason our insulated glass units are so energy efficient is due in part to their use of two pieces of glass. A spacer divides the two pieces of glass and seals the space between the panes. These spacers are typically filled with desiccant, which is a special material that absorbs moisture, or a super spacer. The use of double glass panes helps to prevent air from penetrating through the glass on either side of the window, but there are other ways for air to penetrate the home or leak out. The most common way is via air leaks around the window frame. To combat this issue, which is more prevalent in older windows, we seal our insulated glass windows with a high-grade sealant around the perimeter.

Although insulated glass units are extremely energy efficient, they are not invulnerable. We will replace damaged windows or, in cases where the frame is undamaged, simply replace the glass. Speak with one of our Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI specialists about installing or replacing your windows today!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.