Security Film

The glass at your commercial property forms a significant part of your building’s security, efficiency and appearance. Your windows, storefronts, and door glass enhance employee safety, allow more natural light into the building, and create an atmosphere that displays your products and services to your advantage. Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, understands the important role of business glass. We provide professional options for a variety of commercial repair and replacement services. Best of all, we deliver proactive solutions such as security film and tinting applications that are designed to keep your glass looking great and working properly.

Enhanced Functionality

Large windows and storefronts make it easy to create seasonal displays and show off your products. However, ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight have the power to fade or damage your delicate items. Security film is available with tinting solutions that block harmful UV rays, while allowing the beauty of natural light to shine through.

Moreover by blocking ultraviolet light, tinted glass reduces the heat buildup inside your building. Controlling heat transference ultimately means you pay less on your heating and cooling costs. With sunlight re-directing film:

  • Experience improved employee productivity
  • Positively influence customer behavior
  • Enjoy lower utility costs

Improved Protection

Security film coats the surface of your exterior glass, preventing it from shattering upon impact. Similar to vehicle applications, when the glass is damaged, rather than having thousands of shards littering your property, the glass breaks into manageable chunks. The resulting breakage is less likely to harm employees or customers, so you enjoy improved safety and reduced liability.

In addition, security film makes it more difficult for someone to break-in. The delay won’t ensure that all criminal activity fails, but it will make it harder to achieve.

Security film increases privacy, as well. Interior areas, such as the office where the day’s receipts are tallied, benefit from dark tints that prevent casual observation.

Value-Added Features

Using security films at your commercial property makes it easier to arrange for repairs. Specifically, if you experience graffiti or similar vandalism, instead of having to employ chemical solvents or other solutions, the security film conveniently peels away for swift replacement. We also offer a hydrophobic coating glass treatment. Beneficial on glass, granite and porcelain surfaces, our glass protectant prevents mineral deposits and dirt from marring the crystal-clear look of your business.

With a variety of tinting and textured options available, Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, provides security films that meet your commercial needs. Contact us today to schedule an on-site expert consultation.