Home Window Tinting

From saving the environment to preserving your furniture to giving your house a colorful twist, window tint provides your home, business and automobile a wide range of benefits. Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, offers quality tinting options and installation.

Home Window Tint

Ultraviolet radiation is a subtle threat to your walls and furniture. Over time, these rays cause your belongings to lose their color, requiring expensive replacement and restoration. Tinted glass stops these rays in their tracks, protecting your belongings from fading and other damages. Besides blocking radiation, a home window tint will prevent heat from getting into your house. This saves energy during the summer, lowering your bills and reducing your contribution to climate change. Tinting will also provide a colorful ambiance for your home. Besides windows, our team offers tinted shower enclosures, cabinet doors, shelves and tabletops. Almost any home accessory can be improved with the tint of your choice.

Business Benefits

Homeowners are by no means the only ones to benefit from tinted glass. If you own or manage a business, consider tinting the building's windows and decorations. Tinting improves profits on two fronts: it reduces the energy needed for climate control, cutting utility costs, and it provides an attractive ambiance that will bring in new customers, which boosts revenues. In addition to tints, you can also apply a security film to your windows, which will keep your business safe from thieves and vandals.

Advantages for Automobiles

While our team is upgrading your home or business with tinted glass, consider ordering a similar upgrade for your car. Tinted windows are indispensable on hot, sunny days, as they prevent the interior of your car from turning into an oven. This will save you time and energy, as it won't be as difficult to cool the car off once you get inside. Tinting the windows will also protect your car's upholstery from UV rays, an invaluable benefit if you have expensive leather seats. We offer tinting in a variety of colors, allowing you to give your car whatever stylistic twists you desire.