Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

If you’ve looking to refresh your home or business decor, glass can transform any room into a brighter, more updated area. At Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, we offer custom tabletops and shelving that will instantly improve your decor without the expense and mess of a large remodeling project.

Our specialists will come to your home or business at your convenience and give you expert advice on how to improve its look and function with custom glass products. We know that you have specific needs and preferences, so a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t what works best. We’ll work with you to design and create unique pieces that make your home or business shine!

Glass Tabletops

We’ll measure and fit new or replacement custom tabletops, ensuring that your table will safely support the weight and thickness of your new tabletop. Other than that, your only limit is your imagination!

Glass custom tabletops are easy to clean and replace if you’d like a different look in the future. They protect your furniture from stains, condensation rings, and other damage, and they work well with any style of decor.

Glass tabletops are ideal for a variety of furniture, including the following:

  • Kitchen tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Nightstands
  • Patio tables
  • Antique pieces
  • Conference tables

Extra Protection

Our on-site consultation will allow us to observe your surroundings and discuss any specific needs with you, such as:

Tinted Glass

Graphic of different glass edgesFor areas that receive a great deal of direct sunlight, tinted glass effectively blocks the sun’s UV rays, protecting your flooring, furniture, and other belongings from fading.

Safety Glass

We offer tempered and laminated glass that breaks into safe chunks rather than sharp shards. This is appropriate in any setting, but particularly in areas where there are young children or a large number of employees or customers.

Custom Shelving

Our specialists will create custom glass shelving that combines beautiful form with outstanding function.

It offers the following advantages:

Visual Appeal

Glass shelves take up little visual space, so they create a clean, uncluttered look. They put the attention where it belongs, on a store’s merchandise or decorative items or on a homeowner’s cherished objects. Paired with creative lighting, it makes a gorgeously dramatic display.


From corner shelves that perfectly utilize the small space available in a shower to shelves mounted directly onto a wall, custom glass shelves are extremely versatile. Custom shelves ensure that items easily fit onto them and that no space is wasted. Our specialists will ensure that the shelves’ dimensions and the distance between them perfectly suit your needs.

Make an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, to find out more about our custom glass tabletops and shelves. We’ll help you create unique glass solutions to enhance your home or businesses’ storage and design needs.