Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are a great way to add beauty to any room. From sprucing up your formal spaces to making dressing areas more functional, custom mirrors fit perfectly with any home decor and are an easy way to make a dramatic change without giving your home a complete makeover.

Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI offers the widest variety of custom mirrors, and our specialists are highly trained to deliver superb solutions for each of our customers. If you are thinking of adding mirrors to your home decor scheme, contact our team to schedule a creation consultation.

Mirrors Benefit Your Home Decor

Create Depth and the Illusion of Space

Clever placement of mirrors throughout your home is a great way to give your rooms the illusion of more space. A mirrored wall at the end of a narrow hallway will elongate the space while making it feel larger. A mirrored backsplash will quickly make your cramped kitchen or bathroom feel open. Or, try a statement mirror above your sofa to give your living room extra depth.

Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI offers tiled mirrors to give a flat effect or choose from our framed options for a more charming appearance. To achieve the maximum depth-creation, place your mirrors on the wall opposite the room's entryway so you will instantly notice the added space.

Boosting Natural Light

Cut down on electricity costs while making your rooms brighter and more enjoyable with custom mirrors. By strategically placing mirrors opposite of your windows, you will be able to reflect the light throughout the room without resorting to lamps. In the evening, your mirrors will boost the effects of artificial light so you will reduce the number of fixtures you need to achieve brightly lit spaces.

Accentuate the Positive

Showcase your home decor with custom mirrors to match your existing art. Try framed mirrors surrounding a favorite painting to add drama without drawing the focus away from the centerpiece. Or, use mirrored shelving to give a panoramic view of your favorite collectibles. A framed mirror is the perfect addition to your entryway so you can make sure you are sharp before heading out or try a floor-to-ceiling mirror in your dressing area so you see the complete look.

Custom Home Decor

Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI offers a wide selection of edges and finishes for your glass along with tinting options to produce the perfect look. When you schedule a professional consultation, our experts will visit your home and show you a variety of choices while taking careful measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Call or schedule your appointment online today!