Window Security Film Installation for Businesses in Austin

Glass enhances the appearance of buildings and adds an element of intrigue. However, its primary function is to ensure the safety of the interior and the individuals within it. It regulates indoor temperature, provides comfort, and offers protection from weather, vandalism, and burglaries.

Security film is an excellent way to make your panes even more energy efficient without compromising their beautiful appearance. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin service professionals will visit your business at your convenience, offering upfront pricing and professional services, including broken glass repair and tint installation, you can trust.

About Security Film

a close-up of a red Glass Doctor service professional shirt Finding unique solutions for protecting your business is essential as a business owner. Security film is a discrete film that assists with discouraging break-ins and theft by making it more difficult for criminals or thieves to get inside the building. Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin provides a film that is tear-resistant, meaning that it holds glass together, delaying anyone who is attempting to get inside. If you want increased privacy in certain areas of your business, you could use tinted film for windows.

The Austin area can experience challenging weather, such as high winds or hail, and security film can assist with preventing severe damage. While this benefits your business in these cases, the film cannot replace hurricane shutters in the event of a strong tropical storm or wind-borne debris.

Benefits of Window Security Film or Businesses

Security film provides your business with the following significant benefits:

  • Lower energy costs: By reducing the amount of sun glare that goes into your facility, you can keep down the energy transfer and the heat in your room. This lessens the load on your HVAC system, and some clients see a dip in their energy bills.
  • Less discoloration and fading: With time, UV rays that hit any furniture, flooring, decor, paint, or other objects start to fade. Security film blocks these harmful rays, so you don't lose any unique decor over time.
  • Greater comfort: Because film reduces energy transfer, it keeps areas of your home from heating up during the summer or areas getting cold during the winter. This advantage helps you take back parts of your facility you have been avoiding.

Protect Your Property with Security Film

Security film provides additional protection for buildings and their occupants. Benefits include:

  • Theft Prevention: Delaying thieves' access to your business gives you additional time to call the police and make sure employees or customers stay safe
  • Enhanced Protection: If glass shatters, the security will hold in place, which helps with preventing injury.
  • Increased Privacy: If you opt for tinted film, you will have increased privacy within your business.

Benefits of Sunlight Redirecting Film

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin also offers sunlight-redirecting film, which directs the sun's natural light toward the ceiling. This gives your business more natural light but diffuses and directs it so it isn't too bright. The result is a pleasant ambiance.

This type of film will reduce your need for artificial lighting, lowering power bills and making your workers and customers more comfortable. Natural light has been shown to make workers more productive and alert. It's been linked to increased customer purchases, better school test scores, and faster recovery in hospital patients.

Security Film Installation Near Me

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin today to discuss your commercial glass care needs, including broken glass repair. We'll evaluate your location's needs and tell you which glass and tint products will benefit your home or company's safety, comfort, and bottom line.

FAQs about Security Film

What types of businesses benefit from security film?

Security film can benefit various businesses, including offices, retail stores, banks, schools, government buildings, and healthcare facilities.

Is security film visible once installed?

Security film is transparent once it’s installed correctly, and barely noticeable. You will be able to maintain the aesthetics of your buildings.