Security Film

Glass increases the beauty and visual interest of homes, offices and other buildings, but its main function is to protect the building's interior and its occupants. Glass helps control the temperature and comfort of the inside air and also provides protection from the elements, vandalism and break-ins. Window tinting is an excellent way to make your panes even more energy efficient without compromising their beautiful appearance. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin specialists will visit your home or business at your convenience, offering upfront pricing and professional services, including broken glass repair and tint installation, you can trust.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting gives your home or business the following important benefits:

  • Reducing glare:beneficial for employees using computer monitors throughout the day
  • Lower heat gain: The sun's rays will bounce off window tint, a definite advantage in Texas' blistering summers!
  • Lower energy bills: The less the sun affects your temperature, the less your air control systems operating.
  • Reduced sun damage: The powerful UV rays won't be able to fade furnishings or damage products.
  • Increased privacy: An important consideration for medical and legal offices or buildings with expensive merchandise, such as jewelry.

Protect Your Property With Security Film

Security film provides additional protection for buildings and their occupants. Benefits include:

  • Delaying thieves' access to your home or business, giving you additional time to call police and make sure your family, employees or customers stay safe
  • Better protection if glass is shattered.
  • More privacy where you need it.

Benefits of Sunlight Redirecting Film

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin also offers sunlight-redirecting film, which directs the sun's natural light toward the ceiling. This gives your business more natural light, but diffuses and directs it so it isn't too bright. The result is a pleasant ambiance. This type of film will reduce your need for artificial lighting, resulting in lower power bills and also making your workers and customers more comfortable. Natural light has been shown to make workers more productive and alert. It's been linked to increased customer purchases, better test scores in schools and faster recovery in hospital patients.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin today to discuss your commercial glass care needs, including broken glass repair. We'll evaluate your location's specific needs and let you know which glass and tint products will benefit your home or company's safety, comfort and bottom line.