Advance Measurement System

When glass doors and windows are damaged on your premise, it's problematic for your business. Broken glass causes safety issues. The damage diminishes your building's architectural appeal and disrupts your business operations. At Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin, we understand you need fast and professional broken glass repair. We supply the services you need and our Advance Measurement system simplifies the process.

A Comprehensive Commercial Glass Care Plan

The Advance Measurement system is an essential part of your business disaster recovery plan. It expedites glass restoration because you set up repair arrangements in advance. A Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin specialist will:

  • Measure all windows, doors and other glass products
  • Document the location and specifications of each unit
  • Number glass units for easy identification
  • Note any safety glass code requirements
  • Give you a copy of your inventory and keep one on file as a reference for future repairs.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When one or more of your windows is broken, your commercial glass care plan allows you to initiate repairs with a simple phone call to Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin.

  • You supply the damaged glass item numbers from your inventory.
  • We locate the specifications on our copy.
  • We order your replacement glass and perform any necessary board up operations.

When we have your glass products in stock, we complete your broken glass repair in a single visit. This system eliminates board-ups and the added expense of multiple service calls.

In-Stock Options

When glass panes break frequently, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin recommends our in-stock program. We pre-order and maintain your products in stock. When an incident causes damage, we install replacement panes in a single visit.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

When Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin sets up your commercial glass care plan, we provide peace of mind and additional benefits.

  • Repair Savings: In-stock option allows one trip installation, no board up costs or additional service calls
  • Minimal Disruption to Business: Quick glass restoration reduces business down-time
  • Reduces Liability: Eliminated broken glass hazard lowers injury risks for customers and employees
  • Restores Security: Reduces vandalism and theft by quickly repairing building openings.
  • Reduces Credit Issues: Pre-established credit option minimizes billing complications.

Before Disaster Strikes

When an unexpected occurrence damages your building, the Advance Management system eliminates broken glass repair from your list of concerns. To get started, call (512) 258-7272 to schedule your consultation or for more information.