Industry Glass Solutions for Your Business

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin offers industry glass repair and replacement services for business customers in our area. Our specialists are able to perform maintenance and upgrades for door closers and more, including emergencies at any time of day or night.

Additionally, we provide a Commercial Care option that provides special member pricing for all service charges. Not only will you receive priority after-hours response, but our team will also set up a commercial account and provide board-up services. When you report auto glass needs on-site, the services are eligible for a 15% discount.

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin will install all of your glass needs, including patios and sliding doors. Whether you need industry glass repair or require a new look for the existing glass panes, our experts will assist you with the process. Additionally, we provide safety glass choices for the gym or swimming pool area of the complex.

We will also install your glass and mirror needs for the locker rooms and shower areas, including safety backing for resident security. Those living on the property will receive a 15% discount for their auto glass needs as well.

apartment windows


To create a truly remarkable atmosphere for your dining guests, Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin will guide you in glass and mirror choices. Our experts are able to perform industry glass repair and install various glass throughout the establishment. We can offer customized mirrors, glass tabletops and various outdoor choices, including partitions, windbreaks and safety-optimized pieces.

You may utilize our tinting and decorative selections for a breathtaking view. Additionally, we provide sneeze guards for buffets and drive-up windows for your take out customers. Whether you require new installation or improvements to your existing decor, our specialists will guide you through the process.

Schools and Universities

Our experts will assist you with commercial glass repair and installation throughout your facility. We can create a variety of glass items including:

  • Doorways
  • Display Cases
  • Science Lab Items
  • Observation glass panes
  • Glass tabletops

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin provides protective glazes and fire-resistant products for added safety. Our services include residential areas and shower stalls as well.

Retail Locations

Our team will transform your business with low-energy and low-maintenance glass options for your entryways. We can provide industrial glass repair and replacement for your shelves and mirrors, as well as walls and partitions. We provide safety glass and multiple options for the security of your employees and products, including glass that resists both fire and bullets. You will also have options regarding edging, tints and etched designs.

Hotels and Motels

Our specialists will improve the look and function of guest rooms through beautiful glass windows and mirrors. You will select from our shower options that include framed and frameless designs. Additionally, we provide glass for your workout, pool and shower areas.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin provides industry glass repair, replacement and installation for public building entryways. Our experts will utilize low-energy glass to minimize electricity usage and provide protection with fire-rated and safety glass options. Whether for new sites or for site upgrades, our specialists will assist you with all your glass needs.

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