Custom Glass Tabletops and Glass Shelves

Give your home a renewed touch of style with the addition of custom glass tabletops and shelves. Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin provides you with a wide array of custom glass decor options and the expertise of our trained glass industry professionals.

Custom Tabletops Protect and Enhance Decor

Aside from adding a beautiful touch to your furnishings, custom glass tabletops protect your pieces from stains, scratches and wear while making cleanup a quick and simple task. During your consultation, our experts work with you to select designs that are both functional and appealing for your home or business. Options for glass tabletops include thickness, edge detail, and glass tint as well as consideration for safety issues associated with heavier glass. Our specialists perform all the measurements to ensure the perfect fit of your new custom glass piece.

Ask our specialists to install pieces throughout your home; glass tabletops work well as dining room tables, coffee tables and writing desks. They will perfectly preserve and protect family heirloom tables. Adding glass tabletops to your office will instantly create a modern aesthetic. We recommend conference and accent tables for any business.

Graphic of different glass edges

Protect Your Custom Glass Decor

  • Safety glass: Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin provides your outdoor spaces with specialty glass designed to withstand the elements as well as protecting your family and guests from breakage. Tempered and laminated glass are options for poolside pieces, patio tables and other outdoor fixtures.
  • Tinted glass: Adding tint to your custom glass pieces reduces the effect of harmful UV rays, keeping your furniture beautiful longer.

Custom Shelving

Incorporating custom glass shelving into your home or business makes organization a breeze and tastefully accents your display pieces. Designed to augment any space in your home or business, custom glass shelves add dimension and refinement, making clutter obsolete. Our experts guide you through many options for creating your ideal storage or display area:

  • Design and style: Accent your decor with shelving that reflects your personal taste.
  • Height and configuration: Make the most of any space large or small.
  • Number and distance between shelves: Find the perfect balance for your space and storage needs with custom shelving solutions.
  • Decorative and functional options: Choose a style and type of glass that works best for your space. Tinted or colored glass options are available for added appeal.

Trust the professionals at Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin to transform your living or business atmosphere into a refined and functional space with custom glass decor created especially for you. Call or click today to schedule your consultation with our team of experts.