Door Closer Repair Service

When a customer chooses to walk in your door, you have an opportunity to make a great first impression. When your entryway door sticks or fails to close properly, it gives your new customer a negative first look at your business the moment they enter. At Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin, we understand the value of a well-maintained entryway. We provide commercial glass repair services for your front door and your entire building. We offer professional door closer repair and maintenance services that keep your manual entry doors operating safely, efficiently and give your customers a great first impression.

How Door Closers Work

Manufacturers construct commercial doors with steel and heavy material combinations. That weight provides increased security for your building, but it makes your doors difficult to open and close without a properly functioning door closer. When your door closer operates properly, your customers feel the weight as a slight resistance before the door glides open. A spring within the closer mechanism allows the arm to gently close the door without further effort. It's important to provide proper maintenance and repairs to keep your door closers operating smoothly.

Door Closer Repair

Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin repairs your door closers so your entryways make a first-class first impression. We supply the parts and the professional services to properly perform essential maintenance and repair tasks.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Heavy doors need strong closers. The springs within the closing mechanisms must be durable enough to smoothly open and close your doors on demand. An incorrect door closer leads to door misalignments, damage and safety risks to your customers.

Improperly Installed and Adjusted Door Closers

Proper installation is important. When we install your door closers, we use the right tools for the job. Our attention to detail and careful performance of required tasks maximizes door closer lifespan and functionality. We install and adjust closer springs to minimize future problems with frame damage, misalignment and unexpected door movement.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

Improperly installed and maintained closers develop gaps, which cause oil leaks that lead to a variety of consequential problems.

  • Leaking oil causes employee and customer falls and injuries.
  • It damages clothing and personal belongings.
  • Doors to open and close too quickly, which may also cause injuries and damage.

An oil leak is a sign of mechanical problems, such as a missing door closer screw, a failing seal or a broken O-ring. At Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin, our specialists minimize mechanical problems by installing door closers properly. Our maintenance services take care of small mechanical issues before they become big problems.

Door Locking Difficulties

A door that's hard to lock creates safety and security risks for your business. It often takes only a moment or two to make a difficult lock do what you want it to do, but those moments add up to hours of wasted time. When you are closing down your building late at night, your hard-to-lock door puts your safety at risk. A lock that doesn’t work properly makes your building an easy target for burglary and vandalism. When Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin repairs and maintains your door locking mechanisms, we eliminate problems and restore your peace of mind.

Commercial Glass Repair and More

At Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin, we offer door closer services, door component care and a full range of commercial glass repair services. Call (512) 258-7272 to schedule a consultation or for more information.