Custom Mirrors

Adding custom mirrors will significantly improve the aesthetics and comfort of your home; making your rooms seem lighter, and adding a sense of depth and space. Finding the right mirror can be tricky, which is why Glass Doctor® Home + Business of Austin offers a full range of custom mirrors to suit every home.

Our teams have years of experience helping clients to make the best possible use of their homes through our wide range of glass solutions. Our specialists will create your custom mirror exactly to size, and according to your specified design; no matter what style your home is we can create the perfect custom mirror for you.

Expand Your Home With a Custom Mirror

Placed appropriately, a custom mirror will bring light to a dark room and a sense of space to an otherwise crowded hallway. Your rooms will be lighter and more inviting with the overall effect of making the room more enjoyable to be in.

Schedule a consultation with a member of the Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin team today. We’ll come to your home and provide recommendations on the best places to put your mirrors, as well as advice on which styles will complement your existing decor.

A few of our most popular mirrors include:

  • Mirrored walls: perfect for adding the illusion of space to cramped hallways
  • Statement mirrors: brilliant as a centerpiece either above a fireplace or above your bed
  • Mirrored backsplash: a stylish way to add depth to any kitchen

Complement and Accentuate Your Existing Decor

The ability to choose from a wide variety of edges, tints, frames and finishes means a custom mirror is perfect for complementing your existing decor.

Here are a few ideas for your custom mirror:

  • Hanging mirror: a well-placed mirror will direct light into darker areas of your room or accentuate a particular art piece
  • Framed mirror: a framed mirror perfectly complements a wall with framed art or photos
  • Mirrored shelves: draw attention to your favorite collectibles and antiques

Custom Mirrors Made Impress

Large, full-length mirrors are perfect for creating an extra-special impression. Our specialists frequently recommend the following types of mirror

  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: get dressed in style with a full-length mirror
  • Framed mirrors: complete your bathroom or bedroom with a large framed mirror

For more information, or to book your expert consultation, call the team at Glass Doctor Home + Business of Austin.