Pet Doors

By installing a pet door in your home you can make your home more welcoming for your pet. Integrating a beautiful dog door that matches the aesthetic of your house can be easy with the assistance of Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX. Our qualified specialists can retrofit doggie doors into an existing patio, back door or install one into an exterior wall.

We work with a top pet door manufacturer to ensure high-quality, safe pet doors that can fit a variety of sizes. Glass Doctor provides four sizes to choose from when you are deciding on a pet door: small, medium, large, and extra-large. All these sizes are energy-efficient, quiet, secure, and long-lasting. The dog door will not block your entry or exit door and allow for the door to open all the way.

Installation into Existing Glass Doors

The service professionals at Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX are experts in their field with years of training. They will start the process of installing a pet door into your home by:

  • Checking the interior and exterior of the area that you would like the pet door to be placed at. This area will be checked to make sure that there are no studs, and that there is appropriate support for the door.
  • Our service professionals will measure twice, to make sure that one cut is all we will need when making the opening for the doggie door.
  • After patching up drywall around the cuts, our professionals will install the interior panel of the dog door.
  • Outside, our experts will weather-proof the opening, taking care to make sure that bad weather won’t affect the inside of your home.
  • Then, the outside frame will be installed, using special spray foam to ensure that no water gets behind the frame.
  • The frames are fastened together and checked to make sure that all items are secure.

Types of Pet Doors

Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX carries the following products of pet doors:

Electronic Unit: Allow extra security and animal access control.

Door Unit: Installed on a variety of doors, this has a high-performance rating.

Wall unit: Located in walls, this adds extra security for pets.

All About Pet Doors

The pet doors are made of the best materials, with a fusion welded frame to a thermal pane safety glass. They are built using insulated glass, and a doubled walled flap with weather strips to help keep your home cool during the summer, and warm during the winter.

If you do not have a regular patio door, do not worry, the service professionals at Glass Doctor can fit a pet door on a variety of door glass and frame types. Just call our experts today at (254) 123-4567 for an in-home consultation and your pet door will be installed in no time.