Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor® of Arlington, TX offers a wide array of custom mirror solutions to bring brightness and charm to homes in the community. Our experienced glass experts will design, create and strategically place custom mirrors of almost any shape and size to reflect the character of your home and enhance its beauty.

Mirrors Enhance Decor

Make Rooms Appear More Spacious

When our glass experts skillfully place custom mirrors in smaller areas of your home, rooms, and hallways will seem much more spacious and inviting. Since mirrors reflect the ceiling, walls, and lighting from windows or lamps, they easily transform an enclosed or poorly lit area into something that feels brighter and more charming. Call one of our service professionals for an in-home consultation and discover what a custom mirror can do for the small spaces in your home. Some of the custom mirror options we recommend for small or narrow areas include:

  • Mirrored walls: Installing a mirrored wall at the end of a hallway or narrow room will create the impression that the space is longer.
  • Mirrored backslashes: Cramped kitchens and bathrooms appear larger and more interesting with mirrored backslashes.
  • Statement mirrors: Custom created mirrors that are placed in entryways, above fireplaces, or over headboards make rooms feel brighter and more inviting.

Extend Art and Other Home Decor

Custom mirrors are an excellent solution for drawing interest and enhancing the beauty of your art, antiques, collectibles, and other home decors. With a variety of edges, tints, finishes, and frames, our glass experts can create custom mirrors that complement your unique style. Decorative mirrors that work wonders include:

  • Mirrored shelves: Three dimensional sculptures, collectibles and antiques really stand out with custom mirrored shelving.
  • Hanging mirrors: Hanging mirrors are often used to direct natural light to home decor, and they work wonderfully as a backdrop to your favorite collection.
  • Framed mirrors: Add character and interest to existing wall arrangements or photos with custom created framed mirrors.

Magnify Lighting

We offer an abundance of custom mirror solutions that will enhance the natural and artificial lighting throughout your home. Get advice from our service professionals about how to illuminate dark rooms and make dimly lit areas more appealing with creatively placed mirrors. Here are a few ideas to inspire.

  • In a bedroom: Add custom mirrored tabletops to your bedroom decor to reflect natural and artificial light.
  • Mounted mirrors: Reflect light from lamps with mounted mirrors.

Mirrors Made to Impress

Add elegance to any room or get a full-length view of your appearance with custom mirrors.

  • Framed mirrors: Framed mirrors add sophistication to entryways and bathrooms.
  • Full length mirrors: Be sure you're looking great with full length mirrors in the bedroom or bathroom.

Discover what a touch of glass can do for your home when you schedule an appointment with the glass experts Glass Doctor of Arlington, TX today.