Storefront Doors

The first encounter that customers have with your business is your storefront glass windows. Since this image creates the first impression, it is important to institute a storefront glass care regimen that maintains an aesthetically appealing image. The team of storefront glass care specialists at Glass Doctor® of Annapolis have the experience to maintain, repair and replace windows and doors to the highest of industry standards.

24-Hour Storefront Glass Care Services Specialty Glass Options

In addition to performing storefront glass care projects, our team of glass experts are knowledgeable about various types of glass products and can make recommendations tailored to your needs. In addition to decorative storefront doors that mirror your business's unique style, we also offer the following specialty glass:

  • Bulletproof glass: Our top-quality bulletproof glass helps ensure greater security for your business.
  • Fire-resistant glass: Protect your business from unnecessary damage by installing fire-resistant glass.
  • Hurricane and impact safety glass: For coastal businesses or those that deal with severe weather on a routine basis, our hurricane-impact safety glass protects against strong winds and other weather conditions.
  • Tempered safety glass: If you do experience glass breakage, tempered safety glass is a safer alternative because it causes glass to break in big chunks rather than in small pieces that employees or customers may easily miss.
  • Customized glass: Add your logo, business name, hours of operation and other personalized information to your storefront glass.

Security Film

Our glass experts want to protect the security of your business. As part of our service, we apply security film to newly installed glass or your existing storefront glass as an extra layer of protection. This unique addition allows natural sunlight to enter the business but shields your windows from damage. If you experience breakage, the film causes the glass to break into larger pieces that are easier and less dangerous to clean up. The security film protects storefront glass from harmful weather conditions and serves as a security measure against potential criminals. Investing in new storefront windows and doors is not a decision you will regret. Contact one of our trained experts from Glass Doctor of Annapolis to schedule a consultation.